パステム IT用語辞典・IT用語同義語辞典


 IT用語一覧 【 N 】 
< 1 >
N Netscape 6 NMR
N series recommendations Netscape Browser NMR-CT
N size Netscape Communications NMR現象
n Netscape Communications Corporation NMR信号
n layer PCB Netscape Communications社 NMS
n layer Pint Circuit Board Netscape Communicator NMT
N.D Netscape Communicator 4.5 NMT方式
N.D. Netscape Communicator 5.0 nmオーダー
N.T.S. Netscape Communicator バージョン6 NN
N.V.Tot Keuring Van Elektrotechnische Materialen Netscape FastTrack NNI
N.ヴィルト Netscape Mail & Newsgroups NNS
N.ワース Netscape Navigator NNTP
n/0 Netscape Navigator 2.0 nntp://
N/A Netscape Navigator 3.0 NNTPアカウント
n/a Netscape Navigator 3.04 NNTPサーバー
N/C Netscape Navigator 9 nntpサーバー
N-01H Netscape Navigator バージョン1.0 NNTPサービス
N-AMPS Netscape Navigator バージョン4 NNTPリーダー
N-ary tree Netscape Navigator バージョン4.8 NO BRAND
n-channel Metal Oxide Semiconductor Netscape Server API NO DIALTONE
n-channel metal oxide semiconductor Netscape バージョン6 No
N-ISDN Netscape バージョン7 No Brand
N-SAT-110 Netscape バージョン7.01 No Connection
N-series recommendations Netscape バージョン7.1 No Content
N-SLT Netscape バージョン8.0 No Detect
N-TACS Netscape バージョン8.0.3.1 No dial tone
n-tier system netscape server API No Execute Memory Protection
N1 Netscape6 No eXecute
N88-BASIC Netscape7 No eXecute Bit
N88-BASIC(86) NetScout Systems No eXecute bit
N88-BASICディスコンパイラ NetScout社 No eXecute disable Bit
N88-DISK BASIC NetScreen No eXecuteビット
N88-日本語BASIC(86) NetScreen Security-Manager No Fuse Breaker
N88-日本語BASICディスコンパイラ NetScreen-5200 No Interlace
N88BASIC NetScreen-5400 No OPeration
N88日本語BASIC(86) netstat No Operation
NA netsurfing No Scale
Na NetTop No Wait Access
NAA Nettop no operation
NAB nettop no referer
NAC NetTraveler no touch deployment
NACCB NetWare no wait
NaCl NetWare 3.12J No-Connect
NACSIS NetWare 3.x no-name goods
NACSIS Webcat NetWare 4.11 No-Touch Deployment
NACSIS-CAT NetWare 4.11J No-Touch deployment
NACSIS-ILL NetWare 4.1J No-touch deployment
NAD11 NetWare Asynchronous Services Interface no-touch deployment
NADC NetWare Client 32 for Windows95 no-wait
NAG NAG data Mining component NetWare Client32 for Windows95 Noah
Nagios NetWare Connect Nobelium
Nagios Ain't Gonna Insist On Sainthood NetWare Connect 2.0J NOC
Nagiosは聖人の地位に固執しない NetWare Connect Services NoC
NAGOYA domain NetWare Connect認証プロトコル Nocona
NAGOYA domains NetWare Core Protocol NOD32アンチウイルスの上位版
nagoya NetWare Directory Service Node
NAGOYAドメイン NetWare Distributed Management Services node
nagoyaドメイン NetWare Distributed Print Services node-locked license
NAK NetWare Global MHS Noesis
Namazu NetWare Link IPX/SPX互換トランスポート nofollow
Namazu for OS/2 NetWare Link State Protocol nofollow属性
Namazu Project NetWare Link Support Protocol nohana
namazu NetWare Loadable Module noindex
namazu for Windows NetWare Management System Noise Figure
namazu.cgi NetWare Naming Service Noise Reduction
Name Binding Protocol NetWare SFTV noise
Name Collision NetWare バインダリサービス noise figure
Name resolution NetWare/386v 3.1J noise reduction
Name Server NetWare386V3.1J Nokia
Name Server record NetWare386v3.1J Nokia Corporation
name NetWareアドミニストレータ Nokia IPSO
name binding protocol NetWareディレクトリサービス Nokia Mini Map Browser
name list of remote directory NetWareバインダリ Nokia Web Browser
name resolution NetWareバインダリ・エミュレーション Nomad Working
name resolver NetWareバインダリエミュレーション nomad
name server NetWareローダブル・モジュール nomad work
name service NetWareローダブル・モジュール形式 nomad worker
Named pipe NetWareローダブルモジュール nomad working
named pipe NetWare認定技術者 Nomadic Wireless Access
Namespace NetWare非同期サービスインタフェース nombre
namespace NetWare分散型プリント・サービス Non Disclosure Agreement
Namespaces in XML NetWare分散型プリントサービス Non ECC Memory

 IT用語一覧 【 N 】 
< 2 >
Namespaces in XML 1.0 NetWork Distributed Print System Non ECCメモリ
nameドメイン Network Access Point Non Line Of Sight
Nami2000 Network Access Protection Non Linear Editing
NaN Network Address Non Preemptive
Nanao Network Address and Port Translation Non Return to Zero
Nanao USA Corporation Network Address Authority Non Return to Zero Inverted
NAND Network Address Port Translation Non Scale
NAND interface Network Address Translation Non Sequential Recording
NAND-type flash memory Network Address Translator Non Volatile Memory
NANDインターフェース Network Admission Control Non Volatile RAM
NANDゲート Network Attached Storage Non Volatile Random Access Memory
NANDフラッシュ Network Basic Input Output System Non Voltatile Memory Host Controller Interface 1.0
NANDフラッシュメモリ Network Basic Input/Output System non disclosure agreement
NANDメモリ Network Bootstrap Program non player character
NAND演算 Network Card non return to zero
NAND演算回路 Network Citizen non return to zero inverted
NAND回路 Network Computer Non-Authoritative Information
NAND型フラッシュメモリ Network Computing Non-bank
NAND型フラッシュメモリー Network Computing System non-blocking communication
Nano Network Control Protocol non-blocking I/O
Nano Air Vehicle Network Control Unit non-blocking mode
Nano glass Network Direct Attached Storage non-code system
Nano SIM Network Drive non-comment source statements
nano Network Driver Interface Specification Non-Disclosure Agreement
nano SIM Network Engineer Non-disclosure agreement
Nano-ITX Network Extended User Interface non-disclosure agreement
nano-order Network externality Non-ECC Memory
nano-second Network File Server Non-ECC memory
nano-SIM Network File System non-ecc memory
nanoBTX Network Function Virtualisation NON-ECCメモリ
nanocell Network General Non-ECCメモリ
nanogram Network Information Center non-ECCメモリ
nanometer Network Information Section non-functional requirement
nanometer-order Network Information Service non-glare
Nanoparticle Network Information Table non-glare LCD
nanosecond Network Integration non-intelligent switch
NanoSIM Network Interface Card non-interlace
nanoSIM Network Interface Controller non-interlace method
nanoSIMカード Network interface controller non-interlace scan
Nanotechnology Network Layer non-interlace方式
nanoUIMカード Network Load Balancing Non-Linear Editing
NAP Network Loadable Object Non-linear editing
Napa Network Management Forum Non-Maskable Interrupt
NAPLPS Network Management System Non-Player Character
Napster Network monitoring Non-Practicing Entity
Napster社 Network Network Interface non-preemptive multitasking
Napster訴訟 Network News Transfer Protocol Non-repudiation
NAPT Network Node Interface non-text file
NARC語 Network node interface for the synchronous digital hierarchy Non-Uniform
narrator Network Operating System Non-Uniform Memory Access
Narrow edges Network Operation Center Non-Uniform Rational B-Splines
narrow band Network Operations Center non-uniform memory access
narrow bezel Network OS Non-Voice ARPU
narrow bezel design Network Robot System Non-Volatile Memory
Narrow-Band Advanced Mobile Phone Service Network Service Provider Internet Exchange Point Non-Volatile Memory Express
Narrowband Network Service Provider Internet eXchange Project Non-Voltatile Memory Host Controller Interface 1.0
Narrowband AMPS Network Specialist NonDestructive Read
narrowband Network Specialist Examination NonDestructive Read out
Narrowband-Subscriber Line Terminal Network Stumber NONE
Narrowband-TACS Network Systems Engineer Examination nonglare
narrowing conversion Network Termination Equipment nonglare process
narrowing primitive conversion Network Time Protocol nonintelligent hub
NAS Network Time Protocol server nonlinear editing
NAS battery Network Tobots nonpreemptive multitasking
NAS-IP Address Network Topology NonVolatile RAM
NAS-Port Network User Interface NonVolatile Random Access Memory
NASA Network Policy Server NOOP
NASD netWork distributed print system NOP
NASDAQ network NOR
NASDAQ JAPAN network adapter Nordic Mobile Telephone
NASDAQ Stock Market network address nordic mobile telephone
NASD相場報道システム network address translator normal mode
Nashville network analyzer normalization
NASI network architecture normalize
NASI Connection Services network boot normally white
NASIソフトウェア network byte order normaly black
NASI接続サービス network camera NoRootファイアウォール
NASSL network card North American Digital Cellular
Nastran network citizen North American Presentation Level Protocol Syntax
NASゲートウェイ network computer North American Presentation Level Syntax
NASヘッド network computing North American Presentation-Level-Protocol Syntax
NAS電池 network delivery North Bridge
NAT network direct sales north bridge

 IT用語一覧 【 N 】 
< 3 >
NAT Traversal network drive Northbridge
NAT Traversal機能 network effect northbridge
NAT-Dst network engineer Northern Ireland
NAT-Src network etiquette Northern Islands
NAT-T network file system Northern Islands世代
Nate Williams network integrator Northwood
National Accreditation Council for Certfication Bodies network layer Northwood-128K
National Aeronautics and Space Administration network loop Norton AntiVirus
National Association of Broadcasters network management Norton Antivirus
National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations network management forum Norton Mobile Security
National Board for industrial and Technical Development network news transfer protocol Norton OnlineBackup
National Bureau of Standards network node interface Norton Security
National Cable Television Association network operation center Norton Security Deluxe
National Center for Supercomputing Applications network printer Norton Utilites
National center of Incident readiness and Strategy for Cybersecurity network protect NORゲート
National Committee for Information Technology Standards network protocol NOR演算回路
National Computer Conference network protocol analyzer NOR回路
National Computer Graphics Association network security NOR型フラッシュメモリ
National Computer Security Center network statistics NOR型フラッシュメモリー
National Cooperative Business Association network storage NOS
National Educational Computing Conference network structure database NoSQL
National Electrical Manufacturers Association network switch NoSQL database
National Information Infrastructure network systems engineer NoSQLデータベース
National Information Security Center network topology NoSQL系データベース
National Institute of Information and Communications Technology network virtualization NOT
National Institute of Standards and Technology Network-based Intrusion Detection System NOT READY
National Language Support network-centric computing NOT TO SCALE
National Language System network-connected home appliances Not a Number
National Research and Education Network network-connected household appliances Not Acceptable
National Science Foundation Network-Network Interface Not AND
National Science Foundation network Network-on-Chip Not Applicable
National Science Foundation's North American Network NetWorked electronic money Not applicable
National Security Agency Networking Release 1 Not Available
National Semiconductor Corporation networking Not Detected
National Software Testing Laboratories netドメイン Not Extended
National Spatial Data Infrastructure NeuLevel社 Not Found
National Storage Industry Consortium Neural Computer Not Found Probability
National Television Standards Committee Neural Network Not Implemented
National Television System Committee neural computer Not Modified
National Time Authority neural network Not only SQL
National University of Singapore Neuro Marketing Not OR
national language support neuro computer Not Safe For Work
national Top Level Domain neuro processing chip Not suitable for work
national top level domain Neuromarketing Not to scale
Native Command Queuing neuron not available
Native CrossFire Neutralized STN not detected
Native Language Support Neutrino not-a-virus:PSWTool.Win32.Messen
Native Language System New not-a-virus:PSWTool.Win32.NetPass
Native Signal Processing New 4th Gen Core i5 not-a-virus:RiskTool.Win32.PwDump
Native VLAN New 4th Gen Core i7 Not-Frequently Used
native ads New 4th Generation Core i3 Not-Recently Used
native advertising New 4th Generation Core i5 NOTE SX/E
native application New 4th Generation Core i7 NOTE SX/L
native code New Common Carrier NOTE SX/T
native language support New Extended Standard Archtecture nOTE SX/E
native mode New Extended Standard Archtecture bus nOTE SX/L
native signal processing New Generation Memory nOTE SX/T
native VLAN New Generic Top-Level Domain notebook
native2ascii New Line notebook computer
nativeclient New Technology notebook size personal computer
natm New Technology File System notepad
NATO New Technology Information System Notepad++ New Unlocked 4th Gen Core Prosessor notePC
Natoma new Notes
NATO標準方式 new economy Notes R4.1
Natrium new gTLD Notes/Domino
Natural Input new gTLDs Notesサーバ
Natural User Interface new Mac Pro NOTEカラー
natural interface new.jar nOTEカラー
natural search Newcastle
natural user interface NewHeur_PE Notice
NaturalKeyboard Newly Industrializing Economies notice
NATトラバーサル newly industrializing economies Notification Center
NATトラバーサル機能 News Letter notification area
NAT機構 news group notification center
NAT機能 news reader NOTTV
NAT機能対応 news. nottv 1
NAT方式 news:// nottv 2
NAV NewsBlur nottv NEWS
NAVERまとめ NewsGator Online NOTゲート
navi NewsGlue NOT演算
Navicat Newsサーバ NOT演算回路
Navicat Essentials NewTek LightWave 3D NOT回路

 IT用語一覧 【 N 】 
< 4 >
Navicat for MySQL Newton Novafora
Navicat for Oracle Newton MessagePad Novel Directory Service
Navicat for PostgreSQL Newton OS Novel NetWare Client 32
Navicat for SQL Server Newton-Raphson method Novell
Navicat for SQLite Newton's method Novell NetWare Client 32 for Windows95
Navicat Premium Newton法 Novell社
Navicat 日本語版 NewzCrawler NOW
NAVigation Satellite Timing And Ranging new演算子 Np
navigation NeXT NP-10N
navigation system with time and ranging NeXT BUS NP-30
Navigational queries NeXT Computer System NPC
navigational query NeXT Software NPE
Navigationalクエリ Next Big Thing nPOPQ
Navigator Next Genaration Polymer Thermal Interface Material NPOディジタルシネマ・コンソーシアム
navigator Next Genaration Polymer TIM NPO日本ネットワークセキュリティ協会
NaviID Next Generation Form Factor NPS
Navison Financials Backup Next Generation I/O NR
NAVITIME Next Generation Network NREN
NAVSO Next Generation Portable nRoff
NAVSTAR Next Generation Secure Computing Base NRU
NAVSTAR衛星 Next Level Aggregator NRZ
NAVSTER Next Unit of Computing NRZI neXt Generation PHS NS
NAYDOS next hop ns
NB next hop address NSA
Nb next hop resolution protocol NSAPI
NBF next-gen optical disc NSA方式
NBP Next-Genaration Polymer Thermal Interface Material NSC
NBS Next-Genaration Polymer TIM NSDI
NBT NextFTP4 nsec
NC Reference Profile NeXTSTEP NSFNet
NCC Nexus NSFnet
NCGA Nexus 10 NSFW
NCITS T13 Nexus 7 nslookup
NCP Nexus One NSP
NCQ Nexus Player NSPIXP
NCR社 nexus player NSPIXP-2
NCSA httpd NFB NSレコード
NCSA httpd 1.3 NFB AMP NT
NCSAHTTPd NFBアンプ NT domain
NCSAhttpd NFB回路 NT File System
NCSC NFB抵抗 NT Server 3.5
NCSS NFC NT Workstation
NCT NFC Interface Protocol-1 NT Workstation 3.51
NCフライス盤 NFCデバイス nT-Engine
NCプログラム NFC方式 NTA
NC旋盤 NFERキー NTCIRワークショップ
NC装置 nForce NTDS
ND nForce 430 NTE
Nd nForce 500 NTFS
NDA nForce 520 NTFS 2000
NDAS nForce 560 NTFS 5
NDAS Technology nForce 570 SLI NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM
NDASテクノロジー nForce 590 SLI NTHQ
NDIS nForce 590 SLI MCP nTLD
NDIS 3.0 nForce 590SLI NTLDR
NDIS 3.1 nForce 610i NTLM認証
NDIS 3.1 ドライバ nForce 630a NTN
NDIS 3.1 仕様 nForce 630i NTN型液晶
NdisWrapper nForce 650i SLI NTP
NdisWrapper 1.2 nForce 650i SLI MCP ntp daemon
ndiswrapper nForce 650i Ultra ntpd
ndiswrapper 1.61 nForce 650i Ultra MCP NTPサーバ
NDISドライバ nForce 680a SLI NTPサーバー
NDMS nForce 680i LT SLI NTS
NDPS nForce 680i SLI MCP NTSC信号
NDR nForce 680位SLI NTSC方式
NDrive nForce 7050 NTT
NDS nForce 7100 NTT Communications 法人向けOCN 用語集
NDscanner無料版 nForce 7150 NTT Do Communications over the Mobile network
NDT nForce 730a NTT DoCoMo
NE nForce 750a SLI NTT docomo

 IT用語一覧 【 N 】 
< 5 >
Ne nForce 750i SLI NTT DOCOMO, INC.
NE.JP nForce 750i SLI MCP NTT DoCoMo, Inc.
NE.JP domain nForce 780a SLI NTT East nForce 780i SLI NTT West domain nForce 780i SLI MCP NTTPCcommunications 用語解説辞典
NE.JPドメイン nForce 790i SLI NTTコミュニケーションズ
ne.jpドメイン nForce 790i SLI MCP NTTコム リサーチ
NEAC 2200モデル100 nForce 790i Ultra SLI NTTデータ
NEAC ARithmetic Compiler nForce 790i Ultra SLI MCP NTTドコモ
NEAC-1101 nForce 9300 NTTドコモ電子証明書サービス
NEAC-1102 nForce 9400 NTTボイスワープ
NEAC-1210 nForce 980a SLI NTTレゾナント
NEAC-2203 nForce M 1697 NTT移動通信網
NEAC-2203 NARC nForce MCP615 NTT移動通信網株式会社
NEAC-2206 nForce MCP61P NTT情報通信用語集
NEACシステム100 NFP NTT西日本
NEACシリーズ2200 NFS NTT大容量方式
Near Field Communication NFSクライアント NTT東日本
Near Field communication NFSサーバ NTT法
Near field radio communication NFU NTV
Near Line Serial Attached SCSI NFV NTアーキテクチャ
Near Video On Demand NFX50-110 NTサーバ
near shore ng NTサーバ 3.5
near shore development NGFF NTサーバー
near video on demand NGFFポート NTサーバー 3.5
near-online nginx NTドメイン
Near-Threshold Voltage NGIO NT系
Nearest neighbor NGM NuBus
nearest neighbor NGN NuBus90
nearline NGP NUC
nearshore development NGPTIM Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
NEC NGSCB nuclear magnetic resonance
NEC 121コンタクトセンター Nh nucleus
NEC Cloud DaaS NHibernate nude
NEC Corporation NHKオンデマンド NUI
NECAI NHKらじる★らじる Null
NECC NHN Japan Null Cycle
NECパーソナルコンピュータ NHRP Null pointer
NECパーソナル商品総合情報サイト NI null
NECレノボ・ジャパングループ Ni null modem
NEC日立メモリ NI+Cクラウド リモートバックアップサービス null modem cable
NEEDS Ni-Cd null pointer
NeeView Ni-Cd電池 NullPointerAssignment
NEF Ni-H2 NullPointerException
Negative Ni-MH Nullporce
Negative ACKnowledgement Nibble NULLスキャン
Negative AcKnowledgement nibble nullポインター
Negative AND Nibbleモード Nullポインター例外
Negative cros reFERence key NIC null型
Negative Feed Back NIC Teaming Null値
Negative FeedBack Niccolum NULデバイス
Negative Feedback NiCd Num Lock
Negative OR NiCd battery NUMA
negative channel Metal Oxide Semiconductor NiCdバッテリー NuMachine
negative feedback NiCd蓄電池 NUMAアーキテクチャ
negative logic Niche NUMAノード
negative MOS Niche market Number display
Negatively doped Metal-Oxide Semiconductor niche Number Place
Negotiation niche top Number portability
negotiation Nickel number base
Nehalem nickel cadmium battery number base conversion
Nehalem MA Nickel-Cadmium battery number display
Nehalem Micro Architecture Nickel-Cadmium rechargeable battery number of click
Nehalem マイクロアーキテクチャ世代 Nickel-Metal Hydride number of clock
Nehalem-EP Nickel-Metal Hydride battery number of pixels
Nehalem-EX nickname number of steps
Nehalem-WS Nico Mak Computing, Inc number of visits
Nehalemアーキテクチャ NICOLA number place
Nehalemマイクロアーキテクチャ Nicola number portability
NEi Nastran niconico number sign
NEMA nicori Number9
NEO NICT Numbered picture file
Neo Plasma Display Panel NICチーミング numbered
Neo-PDP NIDS numbering photos
Neo4j NIer Numeric Data co-Processor
NeoCore NIES Numeric Lock
NeoCoreXMS NIFTY Cloud numeric
Neodymium NIFTY Corporation numeric check
Neon NIFTY MANAGER numeric data co-processor
NeoPDP NIFTY MANAGER for Windows3.1 numeric key
NeoPDP eco NIFTY MANAGER for Windows95 numeric keypad

 IT用語一覧 【 N 】 
< 6 >
Neptunium NIFTY-Serve numeric lock key
Nerd Night Camera Numerical Aperture
nerd night view mode Numerical Control
Nerds Nightly numerical aperture
Nero 8 Ultra Nightly Build numerical sign
NESA nightly build NumLkキー
nest NiH2 NumLock
nesting NIhongo nyuryoku COnsortium LAyout NumLock key
NET Nihongo Yet Another CUI Shell NumLockキー
Net News Nihongo Yet Another DOS Shell NURBS
Net News Transport Protocol Nihongo Yet Another Open Shell nurd
Net Surfing Nihongo Yet Another Os Shell nurture
net Nihongo Yet Another OS/2 Shell nurturing
net advertisement Nihongo Yet Another OS/2 Shell-U NUS ISS
net auction Nihongo Yet Another OSes Shell NUTEK
net banking nihonium NVENC
net cafe NII NVIDIA
net game NII Testbeds and Community for Information access Research NVIDIA Corporation
net stalker NIKKEI TELECOM 21 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650
net surfing NIKKEI Telecom NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti BOOST
net trade Nikkei Economic Electronic Databank System NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660
net TV Nikkei Economic Electronic Databank System-Information Retrieval NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 Ti BOOST
net-marketing Nikkei Mix Information eXchange NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670
NetBeans nikki NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680
NetBeans 8.0.2 Niklas Zennstrom NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760
NetBeans IDE Niklas Zennstrom氏 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770
NetBeans IDE 7.0 Niklaus Emil Wirth NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780
NetBeans Platform Niklaus Wirth NVIDIA GeForce GTX TAITAN
NetBEUI Nikon Electronic Format NVIDIA GeForce GTX650 Ti BOOST
NetBEUI Frame Protocol nil NVIDIA GeForce GTX660
NetBEUIフレーム Nimda NVIDIA GeForce GTX660 Ti BOOST
NETBIOS Extended User Interface NiMH battery NVIDIA GeForce GTX680
NetBIOS Extended User Interface NINTENDO GAMECUBE NVIDIA GeForce GTX770
NetBIOS extended user interface Nintendo NVIDIA GeForce GTX780
NetBIOS Over TCP/IP Nintendo Co., Ltd. NVIDIA MCP
NetBIOS over IEEE 802.2 Nintendo Double Screen NVIDIA nForce APU
NetBIOS Service Protocols Nintendo DSi NVIDIA SLIテクノロジー
NetBIOSネットワーク nintendo Double Screen NVIDIA SPP
NetBIOS拡張ユーザー・インターフェース nintendo ds browser NVIDIA Tegra
NetBIOS拡張ユーザーインターフェース Niobium nVIDIA
Netbook Nippon Electric Company, Limited NVM Express
NetBoot Nippon Electronic Corporation NVMe
NETBSD Nippon Idou Tsushin Corporation NVMeドライバ
NetBSD Nippon Telegraph and Telephone NVMe対応ドライバ
NetBSD 5.1.5 Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp. NVMHCI 1.0
NetBSD 6.1.5 Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation law NVOD
NetBSD 7.0.0 Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation NVRAM
NetBT Nippon Telegraph and Telephone West Corporation NVS
NetBurst NIS NW
NetBurstアーキテクチャ NIS+ NWA
NetBurstマイクロアーキテクチャ NISC NWADMIN
NetCommons NIST中性子研究センター NWCAP
NetCommons 2.0 NIS平成明朝体W3 NWL
NetCommons 3 NIT NWLink
Netezza Nitro NX
Netezza TwinFin Nitrogen NX Bit
Netflix Nitrogenium NX bit
NetFront NL SASドライブ Nx586
NetFront Browser NL-SAS NX5R
Netiquette NLA NXbit
Netiquette Guidelines NLB NXビット
netiquette NLE NYACUS
netizen NLO NYAOS弐
NetMD NLOS Nyquist's theorem
NetMeeting NLS NZ-DSF
NetNews NLSP Nサイズ
Netnote NLST Nシリーズ勧告
Netpbm NLX nチャネルMOS
netpbm format NLX仕様 n階層システム
Netpbmパッケージ nm n型半導体
NetPC NM10 n型有機半導体
NetRecorder nmap N進木
NetSaint NMF n層基板

 IT用語一覧 【 N 】 
< 7 >
Netscape nMOS
NetScape Server API NMOS

【 IT用語索引 】
記号 数字 A B C


NEC Direct(NECダイレクト)
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