Microsoft Public Affiliate Program (JP)(マイクロソフトアフィリエイトプログラム)

パステム IT用語辞典・IT用語同義語辞典


 IT用語一覧 【 T 】 
< 1 >
T test element group touch typing
T Commerce test pattern generator touch-typing
T series recommendations test vector TouchStyk
T.101 Testbed tower server
T.122 tether TOWNS
T.123 tethering Toy Cell
T.124 TETRA Toアドレス
T.124勧告 TEX Toフィールド
T.125 TeX TP
T.17 TeX /BibTeXの書誌参照ファイル TP-PMD
T.171 tex TPC
T.172 TeX/BibTeX Bibliographic Reference File TPC-A
T.190 Texas Instruments TPC-B
T.2 Texas Instruments Graphics Architecture TPC-C
T.30 Texas Instruments, Inc. TPC-D
T.33 Texas Instruments社 TPF
T.38 texel TPI
T.4 Texim tpi
T.412 TeXT tpm
T.413 Text file tpmC
T.414 Text Service Manager TPMチップ
T.415 Text Services Manager TPP
T.416 text TPP協定
T.417 text advertising TPP交渉
T.418 text chat TPS
T.419 text data tps
T.42 text editor TPSEP
T.421 text file TPU
T.422 text format TPUスイッチ
T.424 text messaging TPUチップ
T.43 text service component TPケーブル
T.431 text thumb injury TPモニタ
T.432 text/css TPモニター
T.433 text/csv TQC
T.434 text/directory TQM
T.44 text/directory;profile=vCard Tr
T.5 text/html tr
T.50 text/javascript TR/AD.Kasidet.Y.40
T.502 text/plain TR/Crypt.ZPACK.127699
T.503 text/vbscript TR-01
T.505 text/x-vcard TR-1
T.506 text/xml TR-2
T.521 text-shadow TR-29Class1
T.522 texting TR-29Class2
T.563 TextMate TR-3
T.800 TEXture ELement TR-4
T.801 Texture Element Trac
T.802 Texture Mapping tRAC
T.803 Texture mapping traceroute
T.804 texture tracert
T.807 texture element Track At Once
T.808 texture mapping Track Back
T.81 texture pixel Track back
T.82 textwalking Track Per Inch
T.83 tf track
T.84 tf-idf track access time
T.85 tf-idf法 track back
T.86 TFB track ball
T.87 TFD track per inch
T.870 TFD液晶 Track-At-Once
T.88 TFD方式 trackback ping
T.90 TFLOPS trackback URL
T-CARD TFS TrackPoint
t-commerce TFT Tracks Per Inch
T-DES TFTP tractor feed
T-DESクラス TFTP Blocksize Option Trade Fair
T-DMB TFTP Option Extension Trade Show
T-Engine TFTP Option Negotiation Analysis trade
T-Engineフォーラム TFTP Timeout Interval and Transfer Size Options TradeMark
T-Engineボード tftp Traffic
T-Kernel TFTカラー液晶 traffic
T-Kernel 2.0 TFT液晶 traffic shaping
T-Kernel Standard Extension TFT型カラー液晶 Training Kit μCOM80
T-Kernel/Debugger Support TFT方式 trance program
T-Kernel/DS TFカード Trans European Trunked RAdio system
T-Kernel/Operating System TG-Tracker Trans European Trunked Radio System
T-Kernel/OS TGS Trans It
T-Kernel/SM TGアフィリエイト Trans registor
T-Kernel/System Manager Th trans european trunked radio system
T-Monitor Thallium Trans-It
T-POINT THD Trans-Pacific Partnership

 IT用語一覧 【 T 】 
< 2 >
T-series recommendations THE NORTON UTILITIES ADVANCED EDITION Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement
T-Time 5.5 THE TFTP PROTOCOL REVISION 2 Transaction Per Minuts
T-Time Viewer The 10 Gigabit Ethernet Alliance Transaction Per Second
T-Timeビューワー The Architecture Extended Transaction Processing
T&L The Asilomar Institute for Information Architecture Transaction Processing Monitor
T1 The CARD Transaction Processing Performance Council
T1 carrier The CARD3 Transaction Processing Performance Council Benchmark C
T1/E1対応 The CARD3+ Transaction Remote Procedure Call
T1100 The control of jitter and wander within digital networks which are based on the synchronous digital hierarchy Transaction Tracking System
T1300 The Coordinating Committee on Export Controls transaction
T1回線 The E-model,a computational model for use in transmission planning transaction file
T2060 The GNU General Public License transaction monitoring facility
T2080 The GNU Lesser Public License transaction processing
T2130 The GNU Library Public License transaction remote procedure call
T2310 The Honeynet Project Transatlantic Trade and Investment partnership
T2330 The Independent TransBook T300Chi
T2370 The Institute Electrical and Electronics Engineers Transfer Per Second
T2390 The Institute Electrical and Electronics Engineers,Inc. Transfer Rate
T2410 The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers transfer of permanent domicile
T2T The International Society for Optical Engineering/Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentaion Engineers transfer time
t2t The Internet Archive TransferJet
T2回線 The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers TransferJetコンソーシアム
T3200 The Internet of Everything transferring from Windows XP to Windows 7
T3400 The Internet of Things TransFlash
T3回線 The Invisible Internet Project Transform
T414 The Japan Information Center of Science Technology Transform and Lighting
T4200 The Japan Times Transform domain Weighted INterleave Vector Quantization
T4300 The Linux Foundation Transform-domain weighted interleave Vector Quantization
T4400 The Long Tail Transformer
T4500 The Mach Project transformer
T4回線 The MicroSoft Network Transient
T5200 The Microsoft Network Transient ElectroMagnetic PulsE Surveillance Technology
T5250 The NetBSD Foundation Transient Electromagnetic Pulse Surveillance Technology
T5270 The New Value Frontier Transient Voltage Suppressors
T5300 The OECD’s Eight Principles Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor
T5450 The Open Group Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors
T5470 The Open Source Definition transient electromagnetic pulse surveillance technology
T5500 The PHP Group transient electromagnetic pulse surveillance technology attack
T5550 The PowerPC Microprocessor Common Hardware Reference Platform Transistor
T5600 The Practical Extention and Report Language Transistor to Transistor Link
T5670 The Real-time Operating system Nucleus Transistor Transistor Logic
T568A The Realtime Operating system Nucleus Transistor-Transistor Logic
T568B The Santa Cruz Operation,Inc. TransIt
T568Bストレート・スルー・ケーブル The Seasar Project Transit and Gateway Switch
T5750 The Sims Archive file Transition
T5800 The Standard Template Library Transition Minimized Differential Signaling
T5870 The Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees Transition-Minimized Differential Signaling
T7100 The System Management Interface Forum translate
T7200 The Telecommunication Technology Committee Translation Lookaside Buffer
T7250 The True Audio translation look-aside buffer
T7300 The Ultimate Force translation memory
T7400 the Architecture eXtended translation service on mobile
T7500 the Bright/Dark Pupil Effect Translation-Lookaside Buffer
T7600 the Conference On Data Systems Languages transliterate
T7700 the European Organization for Nuclear Research Transmeta
T7800 the Gang of Four Transmeta社
T800 the long tail Transmission
T8100 the PC Transmission Control Protocol
T8300 the Portable Operating System environment-Interactive eXecutive Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
T9000 the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Transmission Convergence
T9300 the wiretapping laws Transmission impairments due to speech processing
T9400 Transmission of IP over Serial Lines
T9500 TheCARD Transmission performance characteristics of pulse code modulation channels
T9550 TheCARD3+ transmission BER
T9600 Theo de Raadt transmission control protocol
T9800 Theora transmission convergence
T9900 Theora 1.1 transmission speed
TA Theory of inventive problems solving transmissive LCD
Ta Theory of solving inventive problems transmissive liquid crystal
TAB THEOS Transmit eXchange Data
TAB Code Thermal conductivity Transmit Power Control
Tab Thermal Design Power Transmitter
Tab Code Thermal Interface Material transmitter control
Tab Separated Values Thermal Monitor TRansparent Interconnection of Lots of Links
tab Thermal Printer Transparent Content Negotiation in HTTP
tab browser Thermal Relay Transparent Interconnection of Lots of Links
Tab-Separated Values Thermal runaway transparent
Table Of Contents Thermal Throttling Transport Driver Interface
table of contents thermal conductivity Transport Layer Interface
table PC thermal design power Transport Layer Security

 IT用語一覧 【 T 】 
< 3 >
Tableau Desktop thermal noise Transport layer
Tablet PC thermal paper Transport Level Interface
Tablet PC 入力パネル thermal paper printer Transport Stream
tablet thermal printer transport layer
tablet terminal thermal transfer printer transport level interface
TabletScreenKeyboard ThermalMonitor 1 transport packet
TABulation ThermalMonitor 2 Transportation Demand Management
Tabキー Thermalright transportation demand management
TAC Thermo Autochrome Transputer
TACACS thermoelectric printer Transputer Architecture
tack seal ThermoLab Transputer Development System
TACS thesaurus Transputer アーキテクチャ
TACS方式 The翻訳 trap door function
Tactical UAV THF Trapezoidal method
TAG Thick Ethernet tRAS
Tag Image File Format thick client trash box
Tag Switching thick film IC trashing
tag thick film integrated circuit TraTool
tag cloud Thick-wire Ethernet TRAVAN
tag management tool Thin Travan
tag manager Thin Ethernet travel router
Tagged Command Queing Thin Film Battery traveling salesman problem
Tagged Image File Format Thin Film Diode traversal
tagged VLAN Thin Film Transistor Travis
tagging Thin Film Transistor liquid crystal tRCD
Tahichi Thin Provisioning Tree 2 Phase Commit
Tahiti Thin Small Outline Package tree
Tahiti PRO thin client tree diagram
Tahiti PRO2 thin film transistor tree sort
Tahiti XT thin provisioning tree structure
Tahiti XT2 Thin-wire Ethernet TREE構造
Tahiti XTL ThingWorx TREE表示
Tail call Think Pascal Trek 2000 International社
Tailoring Thinking Process tremendously high frequency
tailoring ThinkPad X1 Carbon Trend Micro
TAITAN Thinner TrendLabs Report
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Third Boot Device Tri-Gate Transistor
TAK Third Extended Filesystem Tri-Gateトランジスタ
take-over bid Third extended file system Tri-P
TakeOver Bid Third Generation trial version
takeover Third Generation Partnership Project Triangle Set Up
takeover bid Third Generation Partnership Project 2 trigger
Talisker Third generation TRILL
Talisman Third generation Global Systems for Mobile Communications Trill
talisman Third generation GSM TRIM
talk. Third Level Cache Trim
TalkAnytime方式 Third Person Shooter TriMedia
Talknote Third Person Shooting game TRIMコマンド
Talon DSP RTOS third form factor Trinidad Pro
tamper third level cache Trinidad XT
tamper resistant third normal form Trinity
tandem electrophotographic third party Trip Coil
tandem system Triple DES
Tantalum Thirdy Triple Level Cell
TAO This Tweet from @xxxx has been withheld in response to a report from the copyright holder. Triple Modular Redundancy
TAP this program must close Triple View LCD
tap THM triple level cell
Tape Archival and Retrieval format Thnderbolt triple modular redundancy
Tape Carrier Package Thnderbolt2 Triple-Core
tape archive Thomas & Betts International Inc. triplet Markov models
tape drive Thomas Becker Triton
tape media Thomas E. Kurtz Triton VX
tape streamer Thomas Mueller TritonU
Tape-Automated Bonding Thorium Triton2
tape-automated bonding Thoroughbred Trivial File Transfer Protocol
TAPI Thoughts on the Social Graph trivial file transfer protocol
Tapnow ThoughtWorks TRIZ
tapping ThoughtWorks社 TRL
TAR thousand lines of code TRM
Target Independent Rasterization thrashing tRoff
Target Token Rotation Timer Thread troff
Targeted attack Thread Processor TROJ.RANSOM.A
Targeted threat thread TROJ_CRYPLOCK.XW
targeted ad thread safe TROJ_GREENDISPENSER.A
targeted advertising Thread-Level Parallelism TROJ_KILLDISK.X
targeted threat Threads Per Clock TROJ_LOCKY.DLDRA
Task View Three Dimension TROJ_TACO.A
task Three schema approach TROJ_UPBIT.A
task bar three dot leader Troj/DocDl-ACU
task tray three dots Trojan
taskmon.exe three primary colors Trojan horse

 IT用語一覧 【 T 】 
< 4 >
TASM three schema architecture Trojan.Agent.AXAG
taspo Three-Dimension Trojan.Carberp.B
TAT three-tiered Trojan.Cridex
TatukGIS Viewer threshold Trojan.Cryptodefense
taxonomy Through Hole Mounting Device Trojan.Cryptolocker.E
TB Through Silicon Via Trojan.Cryptolocker.N
Tb Through The Lens Trojan.Horse
TB/s Through-hole mount Trojan.Kasidet
Tb/s Through-hole technology Trojan.Pandex
TBC throughput Trojan.PowerShell.Agent.j
TBD THT Trojan.Ransomcrypt.AA
TBDR Thuban Trojan.SystemKiller
TBI Thulium Trojan.Upbit
Tbit/s Thumb Trojan.Welomoch
Tbps ThumbDrive Trojan.Win32.Agent
TBS ThumbDrive Secure Trojan.Win32.Waldek.ism
TBS R ThumbDrive TOUCH Trojan.Win32.Yakes.mzkj
TBSオンデマンド Thumbnail Toolbars Trojan:Win32/Greeodode.A
TBSデジタルテレビジョン thumbnail Trojan:Win32/KillDisk.M
TBSテレビ thumbnail toolbars Trojan:Win32/Lezo.A
TBSラジオ Thunder Trojan:Win32/MultiInjector.A!rfn
TBW Thunderbird Trojan-Banker.Win32.GreenDispenser.d
TBytes Thunderbird 24 Trojan-Downloader.VBS.Agent.avu
TC Thunderbird 31.0 Trojan-Downloader.VBS.Agent.avv
Tc Thunderbird 38.0 Trojan-Downloader.VBS.Agent.ayr
TC1 Thunderbird v38.2.0 Trojan-Downloader.Win32.Agent
TC10 Thunderbolt Trojan-Dropper.Win32.Agent
TC11 Thunderbolt 2 Trojan-Dropper.Win32.Injector.nknu
TC12 Thunderbolt 3 Trojan-Dropper.Win32.PMax.a
TC13 thunk Trojan-Ransom.MSIL.Agent.wc
TC14 Thusnelda Trojan-Ransom.Win32.Agent.iop
TC2 Thyristor Surge Suppressor Trojan-Ransom.Win32.Blocker.iadc
TC3 THz Trojan-Ransom.Win32.Chimera.d
TC5 TI Trojan-Ransom.Win32.Petr.a
TC6 Ti Trojan-Ransom.Win32.Petr.c
TC7 TIA Trojan-Ransom.Win32.Raas
TC8 TIA/EIA-568-B Trojan-Ransom.Win32.Raas.a
TC9 TIA/EIA-568-B.2-1 TrojanDownloader
tCAC TIA/EIA-568-B.2-2001 TrojanDownloader:O97M/Adnel
TCG TIA/EIA-854 TrojanDownloader:Win32/Drixed
tCK TIA-422 TrojanDownloader:X97M/Daoyap
Tcl TIA-422 Electrical Characteristics of Balanced Voltage Differential Interface Circuits TrojanDropper.Win32/Rovnix.P
TCM TIA-568-B.2-10規格 TrojanDropper:Win32/Sirefef.A
TCO TiB TrojanSpy:Win32/Alinaos.A
TCO削減 TIBCO Spotfire Trolltech
TCP Tibco Software Trolltech社
TCP 135番ポート Tibco Software社 TRON
TCP 445番ポート tick box TRONチップ
TCP 7番ポート Tick-Tock model TRONプロジェクト
TCP FINスキャン Tick-Tockモデル trouble shooting
TCP FINパケット ticker Trough of Disillusionment
TCP Segmentation Offload TidyFTP tRP
TCP SYNスキャン tie-up advertising TRPC
TCP SYNフラッド攻撃 Tier 1 TRS
TCP wrapper Tier 1 supplier TRS-80
TCP ポート7番 Tier 1 プロバイダ TRSフォン
TCP/IP tier True Color
TCP/IP Offload Engine tier 2 provider True Type
TCP/IPアプリケーション tier tow provider True Type Fonts
TCP/IPオフロードエンジン Tier1 true
TCP/IPプロトコル Tier1キャリア true color
TCP/IP規格 Tier1ネットワーク TrueCrypt
TCP/IP接続サービス Tier1プロバイダ TrueNorth
TCPスキャン tiff TrueTypeフォント
TCPセグメンテーションオフロード TIGA truncation error
TCPソケット Tiger Point trunk group
TCPパッケージ Tigerton trunk link
TCPポート25番 Tigerton-DC trunk port
TCPポートフィルタリング Tigerton-QC TRUSTe
TCPラッパー til TRUSTe Watch Dog System
TCP接続一覧 TILD Trusted Computing Group
TCQ tilde Trusted Computing Platform Alliance
TCS Tile-Based Deferred Rendering Trusted Execution Technology
TCU Turbo C Utilities Tiling window manager Trusted eXecution Technology
TCV tiling Trusted Mobile Platform
TCX DataKonsultAB tiling style screen format Trusted Platform Module
TCX DataKonsultAB社 tilt Trusted Third Party
TCXO tilt wheel trusted boot
TD-LTE tilt-shift lens trusted execution technology
TD-SCDMA TIM trusted third party
TDB電子認証サービスTypeA Tim Berners-Lee trustee

 IT用語一覧 【 T 】 
< 5 >
TDD Tim Berners-Lee氏 TRUSTeプライバシー・シール
TDEA Tim O'reilly TRUSTeマーク
TDI timbre Truth
TDI規格 Time truth table
TDK Time Base Corrector truth value
TDK Corporation Time Compression Modulation TRW社
TDK株式会社 Time Compression Multiplexing TS
TDM Time Devision Multiplexer Ts
TDMA Time Devision Multiplexing ts
TDMA方式 Time Division Duplex TS-E
TDMS Time Division duplex Long Term Evolution TS-Eレンズ
TDnet Time Division Duplexing TS6030
TDP Time Division Long Term Evolution TS8030
TDR Time Division Multiple Access TS9030
Te Time Division Synchronous Code Division Multiple Access TSAPI
TEA Time Division-Synchronous CDMA TSA証明書
teacher customer Time Division-Synchronous Code Division Multiple Access TSB-95
teacher customers Time Domain Reflectometer TSE
Team Group Time Line TSM
Teamcenter Lifecycle Visualization Time Machine TSMC
teaming Time out TSMC Japan Limited
TeamViewer Time Series Analysis TSO
tear off menu Time Server TSOP
tear-off menu Time Sharing System TSPY_DRIDEX.SPB
tease Time To Live TSPY_DRIDEX.YJL
teaser Time Warner TSPY_ROVNIX.YPOB
teaser ads Time Warner社 TSPY_SHIZ.MJSU
teaser advertising time base corrector TSPY_TOXIFBNKR.A
teaser site time complexity TSR
teaser trailer time compression modulation TSS
tebi byte time compression multiplexing TSST
TECH time devision multiplexer TSST-K
Tech Ad hoc Group time division duplexing TSUBAME2.0
Tech Optimizer time division multiple access TSUBAME2.5
tech time domain reflectometer TSUBAME3.0
tech. time line TSUM TSUM
Technetium time out Tsum Tsum
Technical Ad-hoc Group time quontum TSUTAYA Airbook
Technical Preview time series analysis TSUTAYA Airbookサービス
technical time sharing system TSUTAYA TV
technical conferences time shifted play TSUTAYAエアブック
technical writer time slice TSUTAYAデジタルサービス
technician time slicing TSV
technique time stamp tsv
Technischer Ueberwachuags Verein time stamping service TSVインターポーザー
techno-anxious Time-Based Corrector TSパケット
Technology Exchange Agreement Time-lag Relay TT
Technology Readiness Level time-shared data management system TTA
Technology Terminal Script neo time-shifted viewing TTC
Technology Trigger timeline ttc
Technology Without An Interesting Name timer TTEPS
Technology Without Any Interested Name TIMEVALUE TTF
technology Timeサーバ ttf
technology exchange agreement Timeサーバー TTIP
technology readiness level Timing characteristics of primary reference clocks TTL
technology roadmap timing attack TTL値
technostress ophthalmopathy Tin TTNet
Teewee TinyCC TTS
TEG TinySegmenter TTSneo
Tegra TinyTP TTY
Tegra 2 TinyURL TTY手順
Tegra 230 Tip TTZ
Tegra 250 Tip Ring Sleeve ttz
Tegra 3 Tip-Ring-Sleeve TTZファイル
Tegra 4 TIPS ttzファイル
Tegra 4i Tips TTフォント
Tegra 600 tips TU-KA
Tegra APX 2500 TIR Tualatin
Tegra APX 2600 TIS Tualatin Pentium III
Tegra X1 Titanium Tube
tegra 2 title bar Tudou
Tegra3 Tivoli TUF
TEL Tivoli Software TUGZip
Tele Tivoli Systems Tul
Tele Scouter Tivoli Systems社 Tulsa
tele-education Tiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Tumblr
Tele-TYpewriter Tizen tune
Tele-Typewriter Tizen Association Tungsten
TELEC Tizen Project tuning
TELecom Engineering Center TI社 Tunnel Creek

 IT用語一覧 【 T 】 
< 6 >
Telecom Engineering Center Tk Tunnel Magneto Resistance
telecom TK-80 tunnel
Telecomm.Industry Association TK-80BS tunnel diode
Telecommunication network TKCタイムスタンプ Tunneling
Telecommunication Technology Committee TKIP Tunneling Magneto Resistance
telecommunication TkNamazu tunneling
telecommunication circuit TKSE tuple
Telecommunications Council TL Turbo Boost
Telecommunications Industry Association TLA Turbo Boost 2.0
Telecommunications Information Networking Architecture-Consortium TLAP Turbo C
Telecommunications Management Network TLB Turbo C Database
Telecommunications Network TLC Turbo CORE
telecommunications carrier TLC NAND Turbo CORE 3.0 Technology
telecommunications information networking architecture-consortium TLC SSD Turbo Core
Telecommuting TLCチップ Turbo M.2
telecommuting TLD Turbo Mode
telecomputing service TLI Turbo Tech
teleconverter TLP turbo
Teledesic TLR Turbo-C
telegram TLS Turbolinux
telegraph distortion measurement set TLS 1.0 TurboV Processing Unit
telegraphic message TM Turing Machine
telekom Tm Turing machine
Telemetering TM1 Turion64
telemetering TM2 Turks
telemetry TMDS Turn Around Time
telepathology TMDSリンク turn around time
Telephone Banking TMDS方式 Turn-Around Time
telephone banking TMF turn-around time
telephone company TMN turnkey
telephone rosette box TMP tutorial
Telephony API tmp TUTコード
Telephony Application Program Interface TMPGEnc TUV
Telephony Application Programming Interface TMPGEnc Authoring Works 5 TUXEDO
Telephony Service Application Programming Interface TMPGEnc DVD Author TV
telephony application programming interface TMPGEnc Movie Plug-in AVC for EDIUS Pro 8 TV commerce
telephony service application programming interface TMPGEnc Movie Plug-in Commercial Candidates Detector for TVMW6 TV tuner card
TelePresence TMPGEnc Movie Plug-in MPEG-2 for EDIUS Pro 8 Tv
TelePresence SX20 Quick Set TMPGEnc MPEG Editor tv conversation targeting
TelePresence SX80 Codec TMPGEnc MPEG Smart Renderer 5 TV-Asahi Data and multimedia service
teleradiology TMPGEnc PGMX CREATOR TV-PCコンバーター
Telescript TMPGEnc PGMX PLAYER for Android TVD-Secure Virtual Disk
TeleStar TMPGEnc PGMX PLAYER for iOS TVPaint Animation
Teletel TMPGEnc PGMX PLAYER Windows 版 TVRO
TeleTYpe procedure TMPGEnc Video Mastering Works 6 TVS
Teletype network TMPGEnc Xpress TVSS
TeleTYpewriter TMPGEnc その場でスライドショー TVSダイオード
TeleTYpewriter procedure tmpファイル TVW MSOP 04 AD0
Teletypewriter TMR TV会議
teletypewriter TMR効果 TV会議システム
Television TMS9918 TVキャプチャー
Television Receive Only TN TVコマース
television TNC TVチューナー
television receive only TNR-O TVチューナーカード
Telework TNR-W TV放送を利用した電子商取引
teleworking TNS TVホワイトスペース
Tellurium TNT TWAIN
TELNET TNT型液晶ディスプレイ tweep
Telnet TN液晶 tweeple
Telnet Protocol TN型 tweeples
telnet TN型液晶 tweeps
telnet:// TN方式 Tweet Button
Telnetクライアント TN方式液晶 Tweet search
telnetクライアント To tweet
Telnetサーバ To Be Determined tweet + people
Telstar To field TweetDeck
Telstar 1 To: TweetDeck, Inc
TELポート To-Be Tweeter
Temash To-Do Bar tweeter
TEMP Toami Tweets Per Second
Temperature Compensated CRYstal Oscillator TOB tweets
Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator Tobago Tweetstorm
temperature compensated crystal oscillator Tobias Waldvogel Tweetサーチ
TEMPEST Tobii Pro Glasses 2 Tweetボタン
Template Method Pattern Tobii Pro T60XL TWentleth of a Point
Template Method パターン Tobii Pro TX300 TWIN NAS リモートバックアップサービス
template Tobii Pro X2-60 Twin-Eye Laser
Temporal Key Integrity Protocol Tobii Pro X3-120 TwinVQ
Temporal Noise Shaping Tobii Pro スペクトラム TWIP
Temporal Reprojection TOC twiRobo
temporal locality TODAY Twist Pair Cable
temporal score Today is Twisted NemaTic liquid crystal display
TEMPorary Todo PCTrans Free Twisted Nematic

 IT用語一覧 【 T 】 
< 7 >
TeMPorary Todo PCTrans Free Professional Twisted Pair
Temporary File ToDoバー Twisted pair cable
Temporary Redirect ToDo管理 Twisted Pair-PMD
temporary directory TOE twisted nematic
temporary file TOF twisted nematic liquid crystal
temporary files tof twisted pair cable
temporary folder togetter Twister
ten key Toggle DDR TwitCasting
ten keyboard Toggle DDR 1.0
ten nines Toggle DDR 2.0 Twitch
TenAsys社 TOICA Twitpic
Tenbase database TOiNX電子入札対応認証サービス twittbot
Tencent TOkai Ic CArd Twitter
Tencent QQ Token Ring Twitter Analytics
Tencent Weibo token passing Twitter followバッジ
Tencent, Inc. token-ring Twitter Karma
tender offer TokenTalk Link-Access Protocol Twitter resume
tender offer or public tender offer Tokikaze Twitter storm
Tengxun TOKYO FM Twitter Web Analytics
Tennessine TOKYO GAS Twitter Webアナリティクス
tennessine Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc. twitter + peep
TENORI-ON Tokyo domain
Teoriya Resheniya Izobretatelskikh Zadatch Tokyo domains Twitterer
TEPCO Tokyo Game Show Twittererユーザー
TEPCOひかり Tokyo Telecommunication Network Co., Inc. Twitterアカウント
TEPS tokyo Twitterアナリティクス
Tera Tokyo-tech Supercomputer and UBiquitously Accessible Mass-storage Environment 2.5 Twitterクライアント
Tera Bytes Written Tokyoドメイン Twitterなりすましアカウント
Tera Floating point number Operations Per Second Toledo Twitterフォローバッジ
Tera Floating-Point Operations Per Second Toliman Twitterユーザー
Tera Station toll-free number Twitterルール
Tera Term Tom Leighton Twitter広告
Tera Term Pro Tom's verlustfreier Audio Compressor Twitter社
Tera Traversed Edges Per Second TOMCAT Media Port Ex Twitter定期ポスト
tera Tomcat Twitter疲れ
tera byte written tone twittizen
tera floating-point operations per second tone color TWJ
tera-binary byte toner Two Unit
Tera-Byte Tonga Pro Two Units
tera-byte Tool Command Language two axis method diagram
terabits per second Tool Interface Standards two touch input
TeraByte Tool Without An Interesting Name two-bin system
Terabyte Bandwidth Initiative tool Two-Dimension
terabyte per second tool bar two-dimensional array
TeraData tool interface standards two-dimensional computer graphics
TeraDisc tool-less maintenance Two-Phase Commit
terahertz Toolbar Two-phase commit protocol
terahertz radiation toolbar two-way authentication
terahertz waves toolbar button Twofish
TeraPad Toolkit Without Any Important Name twofish
teraTEPS tooltip TWSNMP Manager
TeraTerm Project Toon Boom Harmony TWSNMPマネージャ
Teraterm Toon Shader TX
Teraクラウド Toon shading Tx
TERM Top emiddion Adaptive Current drive TXD
Term Frequency Top Level Aggregator TXT
term Top Level Domain TXT file
term frequency-inverse do cument frequency Top Twin Card txt
Terminal top down programming Txt2tags
Terminal Adapter top down test Txt2tags Text Document
Terminal Adapter for PIAFS top Trending Topics TXTファイル
Terminal Board Top-Down Design TXインターフェース
Terminal characteristics for Group 4 facsimile apparatus top-down design TY-RAP
Terminal Node Controller top-down programming TYMNET
Terminal Software Top-Of-File TYMPAS
terminal TOP500 Supercomputer Sites TYPE
terminal access controller access system TOPE TYPE A
terminal adapter topology TYPE B
terminal emulator TOPOWER TYPE QUICK
terminal server Topower TYPE Cコネクタ
terminal service TOPPERS Type Allocation Number
Terminate and Stay Resident TOPS Type Of Service
terminate the connection TOPS DOS 2.1 type
TERMinator Topsy type casting
Terminator TorLocker type I carrier
terminator TorrentLocker type II carrier
Terms and definitions for synchronous digital hierarchy networks TOS type in
TERMモード TOSBAC-3400 type of service
Ternary CAM TOSHIBA Type-A
ternary operation TOSHIBA CORPORATION Type-B
ternary operator Toshiba Samsung Storage technology Korea Corporation Type-C

 IT用語一覧 【 T 】 
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TERRA-S Total 802.11XR Type-C plug
terrestrial digital broadcasting Total Access Communications System Type-Cプラグ
Terry Welch Total Byte Written Type1 font
Terry Welch氏 Total Cost of Ownership Type1フォント
Tesla Total Document Management System TYPEQUICK
TeslaCrypt Total Harmonic Distortion TYPEQUICK J6
Tessellator Total Quality Control typesetter roff
Test Collection Total Quality Management Typhoon
Test Element Group total pixels Typical Electricity Consumption
Test Indication total quality control typing error
Test Pattern Generator total quality management typo
Test procedures for digital subscriber line transceivers totally from scratch typographical error
Test procedures for DSL transceivers totokoko label typos
Test Terminal Touch typing Tカード
Test Vector touch display Tコマース
test touch method Tサイト
test bench touch pad Tシリーズ勧告
test data touch panel Tポイント
test driver touch screen Tマネー

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