Microsoft Public Affiliate Program (JP)(マイクロソフトアフィリエイトプログラム)

パステム IT用語辞典・IT用語同義語辞典


 IT用語一覧 【 M 】 
< 1 >
M Metal Oxide Varister modern project management
M series recommendations Metal Semiconductor FET modernization
M to M metal in gap modernize
M TRON metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor MODification
m metal semiconductor FET modification
M. P. Vecchi氏 Metal-Oxide Semiconductor Modified DCT
M.2 metaタグ Modified Discrete Cosine Transform
M.2 Type A meter Modified Exclusive Shared and Invalid
M.2 Type B metering Modified FM
M.2 Type E Method Not Allowed Modified Frequency Modulated
M.2 Type M method Modified Frequency Modulation
M.2ポート method and system for anticipatory package shipping Modified Huffman
M.2規格 method of divided differences Modified Huffman data compression method
M/B Methodology for Object Oriented Desigh Modified Huffman/Modified READ
M/H METI Modified Modified READ
M/M metric coarse screw threads Modified Modified Read
m(__)m metric fine screw threads Modified READ
M-JPEG metric screw threads Modified Read
m-Learning metrics kerning Modified UTF-7
M-series recommendations Metro modified exclusive shared and invalid
M-TRON Metro UI modified Huffman
M-XD1GM Metropolitan Area Network modified modified READ
M-XD2GMP metropolitan area network modified READ
M&A Mewa Film Modified,Exclusive,Shared,Invalid
MEX Modified,Own,Exclusive,Shared,Invalid
M1 MEXT modified,own,exclusive,shared,invalid
M17N MF Modified,Owned,Exclusive,Shared,Invalid
M2 MFC modified,owned,exclusive,shared,invalid
M2M MFC4.0 modifier key
M2Mサービス mFCPGA modify
M32R MFP Modula
M4IF MG Modula-2
m4v Mg modular architecture
MA mGPU modular jack
MAB MGメモリースティック Modulation
MAC MH MOdulator/DEModulator
MAC address MH/MR MOdulator-DEModulator
MAC address authentication mH0+nB+D modulator-demodulator
MAC address based authentication MHEG module
MAC address filtering MHEG-5 - Support for base-level interactive applications module coupling
MAC frame MHL module strength
MAC OS X 向け XAMPP MHL接続 Modulo Operation using Data field Selective Repeat-Automatic Repeat reQuest
MAC security MHN Modulo Operation using Data field SR-ARQ
Mac mho MODチップ
Mac Blu-ray Player MHS MOESI
Mac mini MHz Mogel-Dellinger-Effekt
Mac OS MHz moggy
Mac OS 7.6 MH符号 Mogic Engine
Mac OS 8 MI MOHAYA リーダー
Mac OS X mi MOHO Debut
Mac OS X 10.5 MI7 Japan Mojibake
Mac OS X Cheetah MIA mol
Mac OS X Leopard MiB Molded Case Circuit Breaker
Mac OS X Panther MIB-U Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell
Mac OS X Public Beta MIB1 Molybdenum
Mac OS X Puma MIB2 MOM
Mac OS X Server MIBデータベース Moment Diary
Mac OS X Server 1.0 MIB番号 MonaCoin
Mac OS X Siam MIC Monero
Mac OS X Snow Leopard Mic monetize
Mac OS X Tiger Michael A. Jackson Money通帳
Mac OS X v10.0 Michael A. Jackson氏 MongoDB
Mac OS X v10.1 Michael Dell monitor
Mac OS X v10.2 Michael Dell氏 monkey test
Mac OS X v10.3 Michael Eugene Porter Monkey’s Audio
Mac OS X v10.4 Michael Monty Widenius Monkey's Audio
Mac OS X v10.5 miChecker Monky Typing
Mac OS X v10.6 MICR Mono and color binary screen image
Mac OS X v10.7 Micrisoft Outlook 2002 Monochrome Display Adapter
Mac OS 拡張フォーマット MICRO CADAM monochrome
Mac OS 標準フォーマット Micro Air Vehicle monopoly
Mac OS] Micro ATXタワー monospaced font
Mac OS互換機 Micro ATXタワーPCケース MonsterX3A
Mac Pro Micro CADAM Montage
Mac,Apache,MySQL,PHP Micro Channel Architecture Montara
Mac13インチ Micro Code Monte Carlo method
Mac15インチ Micro Conversions Monte Carlo simulation
Mac16インチ Micro DOSヘッド Montecito

 IT用語一覧 【 M 】 
< 2 >
Mac21インチ Micro Dry Process Monthly Active Users
Mac9インチ Micro ECチップ monthly patch
Macallan Micro Electro Mechanical System Monty Program Ab社
MacBinary Micro Electro Mechanical Systems MOOC
MacBinary File Micro Energy Controller MOOCs
MacBinary II Micro Floppy Disk MOOD
MacBinary III Micro Focus社 Moonlight
macbinary Micro Four Thirds Moore's Law
MacBinaryファイル Micro Four Thirds System Moorefield
MacBinary形式 Micro Hard Drive Moorestown
MacBook Micro HDMI mopera位置情報サービス
MacBook Air Micro HDMIコネクタ Moplus
MacBook Pro Micro Industrial TRON MOPS
MACC Micro machine technology MORE
MacCafe Micro OPeration MOREコマンド
Macgo Windows Blu-ray Player Micro Processing Unit Morganfield
MACH Micro SATA morningly build
Mach Micro SATAコネクタ Morph
Mach micro-kernel Micro to Mainframe Links Morphological Analysis
Mach microkernel micro Morphological analysis
Mach OS micro au ICカード morphological analysis
mach jet micro Balanced Technology Extended MOS
mach jet printer micro chemistry MOS FET
MACH-jet micro code MOSAIC
Machine Learning micro conversions Mosaic
Machine to Machine micro ITRON Mosaic Communications Corporation
Machine Type Communication micro SIM Mosaic Netscape
machine language micro Subscriber Identity Module card Moscovium
machine learning micro to mainframe links MOSFET
Machine-to-Machine micro tower MOSS
Machine-to-Management micro‐to‐mainframe link Most Recently Used
Machオペレーティング・システム Micro-A Most Significant Bit
Machオペレーティングシステム Micro-architecture Most Significant Byte
Machマイクロカーネル micro-architecture most Fax programs
Macintosh Micro-ATX most recently used
Macintosh + Apache + MySQL + PHP micro-ATX most significant bit
Macintosh Application Environment Micro-B MOSトランジスタ
Macintosh compatible machine Micro-BTX MOT
Macintosh互換機 Micro-Control Unit MOT/Phone
Macintosh用OS Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems Mother Board
MacOS 6 Micro-HDMI mother board
MacOS 8 micro-influencer Motherboard
MacOS X micro-kernel motherboard
macOS Micro-Processing Unit Motif
macOS High Sierra micro-SIM Motion Adaptive Color Plus
macOS Sierra Micro-Star International Motion Conpensation
macOS v10.12 micro-to-mainframe links Motion Designer
macOS v10.13 Micro-USB Motion Estimation
MacOS8 Micro-USB 2.0 Motion Jerkiness
MacOS互換機 Micro-USB 3.0 Motion JPEG
MACP Microarchitecture Motion JPEG 2000
MacPaint microarchitecture Motion JPEG XR
Macro Microarray Motion JPEGコーデック
Macro Assembler MicroATX Motion JPEGデコーダ
Macro TRON microATX Motion Pictures Experts Group
Macro Virus MicroATX規格 Motion Vector
macro MicroATX仕様 motion adaptive color plus
macro cell MicroBTX motion compensation
macro infection type virus microBTX Motion-JPEG
macro language microcell Motion-JPEG2000
macro photography Microchemistry MotionBuilder
macro virus microchip MotionJPEG
Macroarray MicroCode MOTIS
Macroblock microcode Moto 360
Macromedia Microcom Motor Generator
Macromedia Authorware Microcom Network Protocol Motor generator
Macromedia Dreamweaver Microcom Networking Protocol Motor-generator
Macromedia Flash microcommerce Motorola
Macromedia Flash Movie Microcomputer Application Systems Design Engineer Examination Motorola社
Macromedia Flash MX microcomputer MOU
Macromedia社 microcontents mount
MACROMILL Microcontroler Unit Mounting Interface Standard-D
Macrovision microcontroler unit MOUS
macrovision Microcontroller Mouse
Macrovision, Inc. microcontroller Mouse gesture
Macrovision社 MicroDIMM mouse
MacRuby Microdrive mouse cursor
MACsec microdrive mouse driver
MacServer microelectromechanics mouse gesture
MACWORLD Expo Microformats Wiki mouse hover
MacWORLD Expo microformats mouse mat
MACアドレス Micrografx Designer 6.0 mouse over
MACアドレス・スプーフィング Micrografx PicturePublisher 6.0 mouse pad

 IT用語一覧 【 M 】 
< 3 >
MACアドレスフィルタリング Microid Reserch mouse pointer
MACアドレス認証 microJAVA mouse potato
Macバイナリ microkernel mouse potatoes
MACフレーム micromachine MouseComputer Co.,Ltd.
MACベース認証 micromachining mousepad
Mac互換機 Micromechatronics MOV
MAC副層 micromechatronics MOV format
MAD Micron mova
Mad Catz Interactive Micron Memory Japan, Inc. Movable Type
MADD micropayment Moved Permanently
MADIC-IIA MICrophone Moved Temporarily
Madison Microphone Movie Edit Pro
MadWare MICROPOLIS Movie Pro
madware Micropolis MovieStudio
MAE Micropolis社 Moving Average
MAF Microprocessor without Interlocked Pipeline Stages Moving Picture Experts Group phase 1
MAG Microprocessor without Interlocked Pipeline-Stages Moving Picture Experts Group phase 2
Magaport microprocessor Moving Picture Response Time
MAGELLAN microSD Moving Pictures Experts Group
Magenta microSD memory card MOV形式
Magic Cap microSDHC Mozila社
Magic Link microSDHCメモリーカード Mozilla
Magic Packet microSDXC Mozilla 0.7ベース
Magic Ransomeware microSDXCメモリーカード Mozilla 0.9.x
magic number microSDカード Mozilla Application Suite
magic packet microSDメモリーカード Mozilla Classic
MagicDisc microsecond Mozilla Firefox
MagicGate microsegmentation Mozilla Firefox 1.0.5
MagicMirror MicroSIM Mozilla Firefox 2.0
MagLev microSIM Mozilla Foundation
Magnesium MicroSIMカード Mozilla Milestone 18
Magnet Optical microSIMカード Mozilla Thunderbird
Magnet Optical disk MicroSoft Cluster Server Mozilla Ver.1.0
Magnet-Optical disk MicroSoft Compact Disc EXtentions
magnet-optical disk MicroSoft corporation MozTorrent
Magnetic Blow-out Circuit Breaker MicroSoft Data Engine Mozy
Magnetic Field Modulation MicroSoft Developers Network MOドライブ
Magnetic Ink Character Recognition MicroSoft Disk Operating System MP
Magnetic Lasso Tool MicroSoft eX MP Navigator EX
Magnetic Optical disk MicroSoft Input Method Editor MP T-Kernel
Magnetic RAM Microsoft MP/M
Magnetic Random Access Memory Microsoft .NET MP+
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Microsoft .NET Framework MP-1000J
Magnetic Stripe Microsoft .NET環境 MP-DRAM
Magnetic Tape Microsoft Access MP-MLQ
magnetic disk Microsoft Access 2002 MP@LL
magnetic lasso tool Microsoft Access for Windows95 MP@ML
magnetic resonance imaging Microsoft Active Server Pages MP3
magnetic stripe card Microsoft ActiveSync MP3 player
magnetic tape Microsoft Advanced Data Connector MP3 ダウンロード
Magnetic- electronic Automatic Reservation System 1 Microsoft AntiSpyware MP3ファイル
Magnetically Induced Super Resolution Microsoft Arc Keyboard MP3プレーヤー
Magnetically induced Super Resolution Microsoft Arc Keyboard Black MP4
magnetically induced super resolution Microsoft Arc Keyboard White MP4 Video file
Magneto Registive Microsoft Authenticode mp4
Magneto Resistive Head Microsoft Azure MP4ビデオ・ファイル
Magneto Resistiveヘッド Microsoft BackOffice MPA
Magneto-Optical disk Microsoft BackOffice Small Business Server Mpact
Magneto-optics Microsoft BackOffice Small Business Server Version 4.0 Mpactmedia processor
Magnetoregistive Microsoft Backup File MPC
magnetoregistive Microsoft C MPC 7400
Magnetoresistive RAM Microsoft C Compiler MPC-BE
Magnetoresistive Random Access Memory Microsoft Certified Application Developer MPC2
magnifying glass Microsoft Certified Assistant MPC3
Magnitude Microsoft Certified Database Administrator MPCIe
Magstripe Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician MPDRAM
magstripe Microsoft Certified Professional MPE-LTP
mAh Microsoft Certified Professional Solution Developer MPEG
MAHO Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator MPEG Audio Layer-3
Mail Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer MPEG Glossary
Mail and Newsgroups Microsoft Certified Trainer MPEG-1
Mail API Microsoft CHART MPEG-1オーディオ
Mail Application Programming Interface Microsoft Chart MPEG-1レイヤーU
Mail Delivery System Microsoft Cluster Server MPEG-2
Mail eXchange record Microsoft Cluster Servic MPEG-2 AAC
Mail eXchange Resource Record Microsoft Cluster Service MPEG-2 Audio AAC
Mail for Android Wear & Gmail Microsoft Comfort Curve Keyboard 3000 3TJ-00030 MPEG-2 PS
Mail Transaction Failed Microsoft Commercial Internet System MPEG-2 Transport Stream
Mail Transfer Agent Microsoft Compact Disc EXtentions MPEG-2 TS
Mail Transfer Protocol Microsoft corporation MPEG-21
Mail Translate Agent Microsoft CScript MPEG-2オーディオ
Mail User Agent Microsoft Data Access Components MPEG-2トランスポートストリーム
mail address Microsoft Data Engine MPEG-2ビデオ

 IT用語一覧 【 M 】 
< 4 >
mail filtering policy Microsoft Database Access Components MPEG-4
mail magazine Microsoft Developer Network MPEG-4 Advanced Video Coding
mail magazineは和製英語 Microsoft Developers Network MPEG-4 Audio Book for Adobe Flash Player
mail spoofing Microsoft Diagnostics MPEG-4 Audio for Adobe Flash Player
mail user agent Microsoft Directory Service Manager for NetWare MPEG-4 AVC
Mailbird Microsoft DNS Server MPEG-4 AVC/H.264
mailer Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online MPEG-4 Hight-Efficiency AAC
Mailing List Microsoft Dynamics XRM MPEG-4 Industry Forum
mailing list Microsoft Edge MPEG-4 Part 10 Advanced Video Coding
mailto Microsoft Entourage MPEG-4オーディオ
mailto: Microsoft eX MPEG-4形式
Main Board Microsoft Excel MPEG-7
Main database Microsoft Excel 2002 MPEG1 Audio Layer 3
Main Distributing Frame Microsoft Excel 2003 MPEG2
Main Memory Microsoft Excel 95 MPEG2 Program Stream
Main Profile at Low Level Microsoft Exchange MPEG2 PS
Main Profile at Main Level Microsoft Exchange Online MPEG2 Transport Stream
Main Profile@Main Level Microsoft Exchange Server MPEG2 TS
main board Microsoft Exchange Server 4.0 MPEG4
main memory Microsoft Exchange Server 5.0 MPEG4 file format
main-memory database Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 MPEG4業界団体
mainframe Microsoft Exchange Server Version 5.5 MPEGビデオ電子透かし技術
Mainline Microsoft Exploitability Index mPGA478
maintainability Microsoft Expression Web mPGA478A
maintenance Microsoft Failover Cluster mPGA478B
maintenance contract Microsoft Foundation Class mPGA478C
Maintenance, Repair and Operation Microsoft Foundation Class Library mPGA479M
Main販売管理 Microsoft FrontPage mPGAパッケージ
Major appliance Microsoft FrontPage 2000 MPI
Major Trading Area Microsoft FrontPage 2002 MPIC
major trading area Microsoft FrontPage 2003 MPlayer OS X
Make Money Fast Microsoft FrontPage 97 MPLS
make Microsoft Gadgets MPLSラベル
make a remote directory Microsoft HoloLens MPmark
make it possible with canon Microsoft Hyper-V Server MPN
Makefile Microsoft IME MPOA
mal Microsoft IME 2002 MPP
mal+advertisement Microsoft Input Method Editor MPP方式
Male Microsoft installation archive MPR
male connector Microsoft IntelliMouse MPRT
malicious Microsoft Intermediate Language MPS
malicious advertising Microsoft Internet Explorer MPSC
malicious code Microsoft Internet Information Server MPU
malicious software Microsoft Internet Information Server 1.0 MPUコア
malicious+software Microsoft Internet Security Framework MPV
malloc Microsoft Intune MP接続
Maltine Records Microsoft Live Messenger data file MQ
malvertisement Microsoft Macro Assembler MQX
malvertising Microsoft Management Console MR
malware Microsoft Money Plus Sunset Deluxe MR BIOS
MAM Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Mr.コンセント
MAMMOS Microsoft Multimedia Extensions MR-CT
MAMP Microsoft Multiplan MR-IOV
MAMP PRO Microsoft Narrator MRAM Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 B2M-00028 MRC
MAN Microsoft NetBEUI MRCI
Man in the Browser Microsoft NetMeeting MRDB
Man in the Browser Attack Microsoft Network MREAL
Man in the Middle Attack Microsoft Office MRH
Man in the Middle Attacks Microsoft Office 2000 MRI
Man Machine Interface Microsoft Office 2003 MRO
man Microsoft Office 2007 MROC
man day Microsoft Office 2010 MRP
man machine interface Microsoft Office 2013 MRU
man-day Microsoft Office 2016 mruby
man-hour Microsoft Office 365 Mrコンセント
Man-In-The-Browser Microsoft Office 365 Solo MRヘッド
Man-In-The-Browser Attack Microsoft Office 95 MS
Man-In-The-Middle Attack Microsoft Office 97 MS Audio
man-in-the-middle attack Microsoft Office Access MS Exchange Server
Man-Machine Interface Microsoft Office IME MS Office
man-machine interface Microsoft Office InfoPath MS Office2003
man-month Microsoft Office Live MS Office2007
MANAGED SECURITY VPN Microsoft Office Live Communications Server MS Outlook Bar Shortcuts
Managed Cloud Service Microsoft Office Mobile MS Publisher
Managed JScript Microsoft Office Mobile for Windows10 MS Publisher Document
Managed VPN light V2 Microsoft Office OneNote MS Works
managed code Microsoft Office PowerPoint MS Works Communications File
managed service Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 MS Works Dababase File
managed service provider Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003 MS-1022
managed VPN Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2007 MS-1032
ManageEngine OpManager Microsoft Office Project MS-1058
Management Buy Out Microsoft Office Project Portfolio Server Edition MS-Blaster

 IT用語一覧 【 M 】 
< 5 >
Management By Objectives Microsoft Office Project Professional Edition MS-C
Management capabilities of transport networks based on the synchronous digital hierarchy Microsoft Office Project Server Edition MS-CBCP
Management Information Base Microsoft Office Project Standard Edition MS-CBCP方式
Management Information Format Microsoft Office Project WebAccess Edition MS-CHART
Management Information System Microsoft Office SharePoint Server MS-Chart
Management Of Technology Microsoft Office Specialist MS-DOS
Management Services Provider Microsoft Office User Specialist MS-DOS 1.25
Management System Standard Microsoft Office Visio MS-DOS 2.0
management information base Microsoft Office XP MS-DOS 3.0
management information format Microsoft Office97 MS-DOS 5
management information system Microsoft Office97 Professional Edition for Windows MS-DOS 5.0
Manchester Microsoft Officeバインダー97 MS-DOS 6.0
Mandatory Access Control Microsoft Office互換 MS-DOS 6.2
Mandriva Linux/Mageia Microsoft Official Dealer MS-DOS 7.0
Manga Studio 5.0 Microsoft OneDrive MS-DOS 7.1
Manganese Microsoft OneDrive for Business MS-DOS 8.0
Manganum Microsoft OneNote MS-DOS ROMバージョン3.22
MangerFlitter Microsoft Online Services MS-DOS Ver 5.0/V
Manhattan Microsoft Operations Manager MS-DOS Ver 6.2/V
manifest.xml Microsoft Outlook MS-DOS Ver.5.0
Manila Microsoft Outlook Express MS-DOS Version 5
manipulate Microsoft Outlook97 MS-DOS/V
manipulation Microsoft Outlook98 MS-DOSエミュレータ
Manipulators Microsoft Passport MS-DOSプロンプト
Mantis Microsoft Passport Network MS-DOS拡張プログラム
mantissa Microsoft PhotoEditor 3.0 MS-DOS互換OS
Mantle Microsoft PowerPint MS-Excel
Mantle 1.0 Microsoft PowerPoint MS-Exchange
ManTrap Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 MS-IME
Manual Microsoft Product Activation MS-IME97
Manual Focusing Microsoft Product Activation for Windows MS-NETWORKS
Manual White Balance Microsoft Professional Developers Conference MS-Networks
Manufacturing Automation Protocol Microsoft Project MS-PEAP
Manufacturing Execution System Microsoft Project Server 2002 MS-SSTP
manufacturing process Microsoft Publisher MS-WINDOWS
Many core Microsoft Real-time Compression Interface MS-Windows
Many Integrated Core Microsoft Remote Data Service MS-Word
many core processor Microsoft RLE MS-WORKS
Many-core CPU Microsoft ScanDisk MS-Works
MAOIX Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard MS08-067
MAP Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard for Business USB Port 5KV-00006 MS17-010
Map Engine Optimization Microsoft Security Essentials MSA
map Microsoft Services for NDS MSAA Microsoft Services Provider License Agreement mSATA
MAPI Microsoft SharePoint MSAU
MAPOS Microsoft SharePoint Designer MSB
mapping Microsoft SharePoint Online msb
MapReduce Microsoft SharePoint Team Services MSBlast
MapReduceシステム Microsoft Silverlight MSC
MAPS RBL Microsoft SkyDrive MSC.Nastran
MAPS社 Microsoft Small Business Server Version 4.0 MSCDEX
map処理 Microsoft Speech Platform MSCDEX.EXE
MAR Microsoft Speech Platform 11 MSCDEX.EXE /D:CD001 /L:M
Marc Andreesen Microsoft SQL Azure MSCF
Marc Andreesen氏 Microsoft SQL Server MSConfig
marchFIRST社 Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine msconfig
Margin Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine MSCS
margin Microsoft SQLserver MSD
MariaDB Microsoft SSTP MSDE
Mark Microsoft SSTP VPN MSDN
Mark Shuttleworth Microsoft Surface MSDN Online
Mark Spencer Microsoft Surface Laptop MSDOS.SYS
Mark Spencer氏 Microsoft Surface Pro MSDOS.SYSのバックアップ・ファイル
Mark Zuckerberg Microsoft Surface Pro3 MSDT
Mark Zuckerberg氏 Microsoft System Center MSFC
Markdown Microsoft System Configuration Utillity MSG
Markdown syntax Microsoft Tape Format MSI
Markdown記法 Microsoft TCP/IP MSIL
Markdown文書 Microsoft Team Foundation Server MSIL/Filecoder.AR
Market Basket Analysis Microsoft Transaction Server MSIマザーボード省電力機能
market basket analysis Microsoft TV IPTV Edition MSK
market challenger strategy Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard MSKernel32.vbs
market follower strategy Microsoft University MSN
market leader strategy Microsoft Update MSN Search
market nicher strategy Microsoft Video1 MSN サーチ
market share Microsoft Virtual Desktop Infrastructure MSN サーチツールバー
Marketing Automation Microsoft Virtual PC msn
Marketing Research Online Community Microsoft Visio MSO
marketing Microsoft Visio 2010 MSP
MarketOne Microsoft Visio 2013 MSR
marking up Microsoft Visio Professional 2016 MSS
Markov chain Monte Carlo methods Microsoft Visual Basic MSSC
markup language Microsoft Visual Basic .NET MSU

 IT用語一覧 【 M 】 
< 6 >
Marquee Style Microsoft Visual Basic Encoded Script File MSX
MARS-1 Microsoft Visual Basic Programming System Applications Edition MSX turbo R
MARS-101 Microsoft Visual Basic,Applications Edition MSX2
MARS-105 Microsoft Visual C++ MSX2+
Marshmallow Microsoft Visual SourceSafe MSXML
Martin E.Hellman Microsoft Visual Studio MSXturboR
Martin E.Hellman氏 Microsoft Wallet MSアカウント
Martin Fowler Microsoft Windows MSオフィス
Martin Fowler氏 Microsoft Windows 10 MSオフィス2003
Martin Odersky Microsoft Windows 10 IoT MSオフィス2007
Martin Odersky氏 Microsoft Windows 2000 MS漢字コード
Martin Prikryl Microsoft Windows 7 MSステレオ
Martin Prikryl氏 Microsoft Windows 95 MSチャート
Martin Renold Microsoft Windows 98 MSドス
Marvell Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition MSブラスト
MAS Microsoft Windows Bitmap MS明朝
mash up Microsoft Windows Embedded CE MSワークス
Mashup Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard 2009 MT
mashup Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition Mt
Mask ROM Microsoft Windows Powered NAS Mt.Rainier
mask Microsoft Windows Server 2003 MT-3000
maskable interrupt Microsoft Windows Vista MTA
masked ROM Microsoft Word MTBF
Masking Pattern Adapted Universal Subband Integrated Coding And Multiplexing Microsoft Word 2002 MTBF/(MTBF+MTTR)
MASM Microsoft Word 2013 MTBS
mass communication Microsoft Word 5.0 MTC
mass media Microsoft Word 97 MTC40001
mass storage Microsoft Word 97 with Bookshelf Basic MTD
Massachusettes Institute of Technology Microsoft Works MTF
Massachusetts General Hospital Utility Multi-Programming System Microsoft Works 2.0 MTH
Massachusetts general hospital Utility Multi-Programming System Microsoft WScript MTJ
Massage Store Microsoft Xenix MTJ素子
MassiGra Microsoft Xenix 1.00 MTMCDAI.SYS
Massive Microsoft XPS Document Writer MTP
Massive MIMO Microsoft ナレーター MTR
Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game Microsoft ライフサイクル ポリシー MTRON
Massive Open Online Course Microsoft ライフサイクル・ポリシー MTS
Massive Open Online Courses Microsoft サポート ライフサイクル ポリシー MTTF
Massive Parallel Processing Microsoft サポート・ライフサイクル・ポリシー MTTR
Massive Parallel Processor Microsoft.NET MTU
Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooting Microsoft's WinHEC MTUサイズ
Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game MicrosoftProjectServer 2002 MTV
Massively Parallel Processor Microsoftアカウント MU-MIMO
Mast Microsoft公認販売店 MU-PS1T0B/IT
MASTER Microsoft社 MU-PT500B/IT
Master Microsystem Technology MUA
Master Boot Record MICS Multi Cloud
Master Data Management MID Multi Cloud service
Master File Table mid Multi Color Graphics Array
master MID-E Multi Core
master data Midbar Tech Multi Core CPU
master slave connection Middle Side Multi Device
master-slave Middle Sideステレオ Multi Document Interface
Master's ONE Middleware Multi Level Cell
Master'sONE middleware Multi Line Addressing
MasterCard MIDI Multi Line Selection
Mastering the Hype Cycle MIDI Karaoke file Multi Media Card
Match Move MIDI Manufacuturers Association Multi Media Extension
matching MIDI Sample Dump Standard Multi Media Processor
Material MIDI sequencer Multi Mode Fiber
Material Requirements Planning MIDI standard Multi Mode Optical Fiber
material MIDI Time Code Multi mode optical fiber
material recycling MIDIシーケンサー Multi National Language Support
material requirements planning MIDIソフト Multi Payment Network
Materialized View MIDIタイムコード Multi Port RAM
materialized view MIDIデータ Multi Processor
Mathcad MIDIファイル Multi Protocol Routing
Mathcad PLUS 6.0 MIDI音源 Multi Protocol Serial Controller
Mathematica MIDI楽曲 Multi Pulse - Maximum Likelihood Quantizer
Mathematical Markup Language MIDI楽曲データ Multi Pulse Excitation with Long-Term Predictor
MathML MIDI規格 Multi Pulse Maximum Likelifood Quantization excitation
matrix MIDI規格委員会 Multi Size Dot Technology
matrix authentication MIDI規格表示会 Multi System Control Facility
matrix organization MIDI形式 Multi Task
Matroska MIDI端子 Multi Track Recorder
Matroska Audio MIDlet Multi Virtual DOS Machine
Matroska Video Midline SAS Multi Window
Matroska Video File MIDP multi account
Matroska形式 MIDPLUG multi angle
Matt Mackall氏 MIDPlug multi boot
Matt Mullenweg Midrange Electronics Bay multi display
Matt Mullenweg氏 Midsize Business multi domain
Matz' Ruby Implementation MIF multi host

 IT用語一覧 【 M 】 
< 7 >
MAU MIFARE multi layer switch
Mauchly MIG multi level cell
Mauchly氏 MigApp.xml multi line selection
Maurice Karnaugh MigDocs.xml multi media extension
MAU数 migrate multi monitor
MAU率 migration multi national language support
MAV MigUser.xml multi processing
maven MII multi processor
Max-Min公平性 Miiverse multi pulse excitation with long-term predictor
MAXELL Mijin multi pulse maximum likelifood quantization excitation
maxell MIL multi system control facility
MAXI SINGLE MIL Standard multi threading
Maxi Code mil multi window
Maximum Demand Wattmeter MIL-STD multi-account
Maximum Segment Size MIL-STD-188-114B Multi-Agent
Maximum Transmission Unit MILC Multi-Agent System
maximum transmission unit Milion Whetstone Instructions Per Second multi-boot
MAXLINK milion Whetstone instructions per second multi-branch tree
MAXLINK for Windows Military Specification multi-browser
MAXLLF.EXE Military Specifications and Standards multi-byte character
MAXON CINEBENCH Miller Multi-Carrier Code Division Multiple Access
Maxtor Miller氏 Multi-Channel Access
Maxtor Power Max milli Multi-channel network
Maxtor社 milli-Ampere-hour Multi-Chip Module
Maxwell millimicron Multi-Chip Module方式
Maxwellアーキテクチャ Million Floating Point Operations Per Second Multi-Chip Package
MayArchive Million Floating-Point Operations Per Second multi-chip module
mazec Million Instruction Per Second Multi-Color Graphics Array
mazec3 Million Instructions Per Second multi-core optical fiber
MA過程 Million Logical Inferences Per Second multi-core processor
MAモデル Million Operations Per Second multi-device
MB million instructions per second Multi-dimensional On-line Analytical Processing
Mb million logical inferences per second Multi-dimensional Online Analytical Processing
MB/s million operations per second multi-dimensional online analytical processing
MB-OFDM Millions of FLOating Point Operations Per Second multi-display
MB-OFDM方式 Millions of Instructions Per Second Multi-domain Vertical Alignment
MBB Millions of Instructions per Second Multi-domain Vertical Alinment
MBCS Millions of Operations Per Second multi-drive
mbed Millions of Operations per Second multi-homing
MBKパートナーズ Milti Channel Access Multi-Input Multi-Output
MBO Milti Channel Access System Multi-layer ACtuator Head
MBOA Milti-Channel Access multi-layer switch
Mbps milti-channel access Multi-Level Cell
MBR milドメイン multi-licensing
MBRルートキット MIM multi-link protocol
MBytes MIMD Multi-Media Extensions
MB単価 MIME multi-modal biometrics
MC MIME multi-part multi-mode optical fiber
Mc MIME Object Security Services multi-monitor
MC-CDMA MIME TYPE Multi-National Language Supplement
MC-K1 MIME type multi-part
MC-MK11 MIMEタイプ Multi-Payment Network
MC-MK12 MIMEマルチパート multi-platform
MC-P1 MIME形式 Multi-Port Memories
MC12015 MIMO multi-port memory
MC12016 MIM液晶 Multi-Proccessor Specification
MC12017 MIM型液晶 multi-process
MC12026ADG MIM方式 Multi-Programming Monitor
MC12026ADR2G min multi-programming
MCA MIND multi-programming monitor
MCAD Mind Multi-Protocol Label Switching
McAfee Mind Crasher Multi-protocol Serial Controllers
McAfee Application Control mind crasher Multi-Root デバイス共有規格
McAfee Associates MindManager Lite 7 日本語版 Multi-root IOV
McAfee Deep Defender MiNDPiECE multi-scan display
McAfee Deep Defender v1.6 mineo Multi-Status
McAfee Deep Safe Technology Ming J. Chien Multi-step index型
McAfee DeepSAFE Mini ATX multi-tap
McAfee DeepSAFE技術 Mini Disc multi-tenant
McAfee OnlineBackup Mini Disc DATA multi-thread
McAfee, Inc Mini Disc Long Play Multi-Threaded I/O Link
MCAT Mini Display Port multi-touch
MCAアプリケーション Mini DisplayPort multi-touch display
MCAセキュリティ Mini Floppy Disk multi-touch Interface
MCAデータベース Mini HDMI multi-touch panel
MCAプラットフォーム Mini PCI multi-touch screen
MCAマスター Mini PCI Express multi-touch trackpad
MCA方式 Mini PCI Type T multi-user
MCA無線 Mini PCI Type U multi-user MIMO
MCB Mini PCI Type V multi-user system
MCCB Mini PCI TypeTA Multi-Vender Integration Protocol
MCD Mini PCI TypeTB multi-vender
mcd Mini PCI TypeUA multi-vender integration protocol

 IT用語一覧 【 M 】 
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MCDBA Mini PCI TypeUB Multi-Vendor Support
MCDST Mini PCI TypeVA multi-vendor
MCE Mini PCI TypeVB multi-window
MCF Mini SATA multi-zone metering
MCFC mini Universal Integrated Circuit Card MULTI2
MCGA Mini-A multiaccount
MCH Mini-ATX MultiBand OFDM Alliance
MCI Mini-B Multiband-OFDM
MCI Device Mini-Client Driver Multibank DRAM
MCI Mail Mini-DTX Multibyte Character Set
MCIS Mini-GBIC MultiCarrier
MCIデバイス Mini-HDMI multicast
McKinley Mini-ITX multicast address
MCM Mini-LPX multicasting
MCMC mini-SATA multichannel call center
MCM実装 Mini-USB multichannel contact center
MCM方式 MiniCad multicloud
MCN Minicad multicopter
MCO MiniDisc Multics
MCP miniDVカセット multidevice
MCSA Minimal Video Extension to X multidimensional array
MCSD minimize multifont
MCSE Minimum Audible Field MultiFunction Peripheral
MCT Minimum Shift Keying MultiFunction Printer
MCU minimum shift keying MultiFunctional Printer
MCX miniSD multihome
MD miniSD memory card multihoming
Md miniSDHC MultiLevel Cell
md miniSDHC memory card Multilevel Incremental Backup
MD-2000 miniSDHCメモリーカード multilicense
MD-DATA miniSDメモリーカード multilingual domain name
MD-DATA2 miniSIMカード multilingualization
MD-TFD Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Multilink Point to Point Protocol
MD1 Ministere des Postes et Telecommunications et de la Telediffusion Multilink PPP
MD2 ministere des postes et telecommunications et de la telediffusion Multilink Protocol
MD4 Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry multilink
MD5 Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports,Science and Technology, multilink protocol
MD5チェックサム Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, MultiMedia Card
MDA Miniture Card MultiMedia Compact Disc
MDAC miniUICC MultiMedia eXtension
MDB MINIX MultiMedia eXtensions
MDB file minor MultiMedia Video File
mdb minor version up Multimedia and Hypermedia Expert Group
MDBファイル minus sign Multimedia and Hypermedia Information Coding Experts Group
MDC minute Multimedia CD
MDCT Minutes of Use Multimedia Commands
MDF MIP Mapping Multimedia Content Description Interface
MDF connection MIPMAP Multimedia Control Interface
MDF接続 MIPS Multimedia Extensions
MDI MIPS IV Multimedia Handling Node
MDI Crossover MIPSコンピュータシステムズ Multimedia Kiosk
MDI-X MIPS社 Multimedia Messaging Service
MDIM MIRABILIS社 Multimedia Mobile Access Communication Systems
MDK ボットネット Mirabilis社 Multimedia PC
MDL SAS Miracast Multimedia PC Level 2
MDLP Miracast接続 Multimedia PC Level 3
MDM mIRC Multimedia PC Marketing Council
MDMツール Mirror Site Multimedia PC Marketing Council社
MDP mirror site Multimedia PC Specification
MDP30S Mirroring Multimedia Personal Computer
MDRAM mirroring Multimedia Presentation Manager/2
MDTM Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera multiMedia extension
MDW MIS multimedia
MD形式 MIS-D multimedia and hypermedia expert group
MDデータ MIS-F multimedia authoring tool
MDバスマスタ方式 Mis-Origination multimedia commands
ME Misc multimedia player for unix systems
Mean line Misc Files MultiMediaCard
Mean Time Before Failures misc. MultiMediaCard Association
Mean Time Between Failure miscellaneous Multimodal Interface
Mean Time Between Failures MISD multimodal biometric authentification
Mean Time To Failures MISF multimodal biometrics
Mean Time To Repair misic software multimodal interface
mean time between failures MISMATCHED_HAL multipath
mean time to failures mission-critical system multipath propagation
mean time to repair MISTY MULTIPLAN
measured rate MISTY1 Multiplan
MEB MIT Multiple Access
mebi byte MIT PGP 2.6.2 Multiple Analogue Component
mebibyte MIT X Consortium Multiple Application Observer for Install eXecution
MeCab MIT X Consotium Multiple Asynchronously Communicating Hosts
mechanical mouse MITB Multiple Byte Character Set
Medfield MITB攻撃 Multiple Channel Operator

 IT用語一覧 【 M 】 
< 9 >
Media Access Control MITF Multiple Choices
Media Access Control address MITM Multiple core
Media Access Unit Mitnick Multiple core CPU
Media and Communications Processor Mitola radio Multiple Document Interface
Media Attachment Unit MITSUBISHI Multiple Input Multiple Output
Media Bus Mitsubishi Electric Multiple Instruction Stream Multiple Data Stream
Media Center eXtender mix mode CD Multiple Instruction stream Multiple Data stream
Media Control Interface Mixed Environment Multiple Instruction/Multiple Data
Media Forward Link Only Mixed Raster Content Multiple Level Cell
Media Independent Interface mixed content documents Multiple Link Interface Driver
Media Interface Connector mixed recurring decimal Multiple Program Multiple Data
Media Key Block Mixed-Mode CD Multiple Scanning
Media Player Classic mixi Multiple Sub-Nyquist Sample Encoding
Media Player Classic - Home Cinema mixiアカウント Multiple Sub-Nyquist-Sampling Encoding system
Media Transfer Protocol mixiアプリ Multiple System Operator
Media Transport Protocol mixiプレミアム Multiple Virtual DOS Machine
media mixiモバイル Multiple Virtual Storage
media content Mixture Model Multiple VLAN
media literacy MI型 multiple analogue component
media transfer protocol MJP multiple cloud
media transport protocol MJPEG multiple desktop
MediaFire MKA multiple devices
MediaFLO mka multiple hosts
MediaProcessor MKB multiple inheritance
MediaStudio Pro MKD multiple instruction stream multiple data stream
Mediator mkfifo multiple port
Mediator Pattern mkfifo() multiple posting
Mediator パターン MKK multiple scan display
Medium Dependent Interface mknod() multiple session
Medium Dependent Interface Crossover MKV multiple SSID
Medium Dependent Interface-CROSSover mkv multiple sub-Nyquist sample encoding
Medium Earth Orbit Satelite ML multiple system operator
Medium Frequency MLA multiple user
Medium Scale Integrated Circuit mLAN multiple virtual storage
Medium Scale Integration MLC multiple VLAN
medium earth orbit satelite MLC NAND Multiple-image Network Graphics
medium scale integrated circuit MLC Spatial prefetcher Multiple-Instruction Single Data
MeeGo MLC SSD multiplexer
Mega bits MLC TS512GESD400K multiplexing
Mega Byte MLC-2 Multiplier
Mega Bytes MLC-3 multiplier
Mega tera Floating point number Operations Per Second MLC2 Multiply And Accumulata
mega MLCC Multiply and ACcumulation
mega-binary byte MLCストリーマ multiply and accumulata
Megabit per second MLCチップ multiply-accumulate
megabit per second MLID multiply-add
MEGABOOK MLIPS Multipoint Connection Unit
Megabyte MLIT multipoint connection unit
megabyte MLP MultiPointer64
megabyte per second MLPPP multiport DRAM
Megabytes MLS multiport memory
MEGAFLIX MLSD MultiProccessor Specification
MegaFlops MLST multiproccessor specification
megaherts MM MultiProcessing
MegaHertz MMA MultiProcessor
Megahertz MMAC Multiprocessor Interrrupt Controller
Megpoid V3 MMC multiprocessor
Meitnerium MMC-1 multiprocessor interrrupt controller
melco MMC-2 multiprocessor system
MELCOM 1101 MMCA MultiProtocol Router
MELCOM81 MMCD multiprotocol over ATM
Melissa MMCmicro multiprotocol serial communication controller
Mell-1-0.11 MMCmobile Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension
Mell-1-0.12 MMCplus Multipurpose Internet Mail Extentions
Mell-1-0.12A MMCマイクロ Multipurpose Internet Massage Extention
Mell-1-0.12B MMCモバイル multipurpose internet mail extentions
MELP MMD MultiSampling Anti-Aliasing
membase MMDB multisampling anti-aliasing
member MME multiscan display
member variable MMF multiscan monitor
Memcachedb mmf multiscanning display
memcheck MMF形式 multisession
Memento MMI Multisourcing
Memento Pattern MMIO multisourcing
Memento パターン MMJ MultiSSID
MemoQ MMK Multistation Access Unit
Memory MML MultiSync
Memory Address Buffer MMOFPS multitask
Memory Based Reasoning MMORPG multitasking
Memory Control Block MMPM/2 multitenancy
Memory Controller Hub MMR multithread
Memory Data Buffer MMS multithreading
Memory eXpansion Technology MMU multitier

 IT用語一覧 【 M 】 
< 10 >
Memory Management Unit MMVF multitrack recorder
Memory Mapped I/O MMX multiuser
Memory Repeater Hub MMX Pentium multivender
Memory Stick Micro MMX Pentiumプロセッサ Multivendor Integrated Architecture
Memory Technology Driver MMXテクノロジPentiumプロセッサ multivendor
Memory Tranlator Hub MMX対応Pentium multivendor system
memory MMX命令 Multiview Video Coding
memory address buffer mmバンド multizone metering
memory allocation Mn Multum In Parvo MAP
memory board MNCRS Multum In Parvo MAPing
memory bus width mnemonic MUMPS
memory card reader mnemonic code MUSASINO-1
memory compaction Mnesia MUSASINO-1B
memory data buffer MNG MUSE
memory dump mng MUSE方式
memory interleaving MNI Music Macro Language
memory management unit MNLS music Local Area Network
memory map MNP music local area network
memory mapped I/O MO music sequencer
memory module MO drive Musical Instrument Digital Interface
memory swap Mo MUSICAM
memory switch MO-300 MusicPhoto/Video
memory wait MO300 MusicPhotoVideo
Memphis Mobile Mutation Virus
MEMS Mobile AMD Athlon 4 Processor mutation virus
Memsource Mobile Application Management MuTIOL
MEMSデバイス Mobile Assisted Hand Over mutual authentication
Mendelevium Mobile Athlon MUX
Mendocino Mobile Athlon 4 mux
Meng Wong氏 Mobile audio/modem Daughter Card muxing
Menlow Mobile Battery MV
MENU Mobile Communication MVA
Menu Mobile Device Management MVA方式
menu Mobile Digital-Thin Film Diode MVC
menu key Mobile Document Format MVDISC
MENU.MNU Mobile High-Definition Link MVEX
MENUED Mobile High-definition Link MVIP
MENUED.EXE Mobile Information Device Profile MVNE
MenuetOS Mobile InTernet access Forum MVNEサービス
MEO Mobile Internet Device MVNO
MEO対策 Mobile IP-Members MVS
Merced Mobile IPv4 MVS/Enterprise Systems Architecture
Merchant Center Mobile Module Connector MVS/ESA
Mercurial Mobile Network Computer Reference Specification MWA
mercurial Mobile Number Portability MWave
Mercury Mobile Number portability MWB
mercury Mobile on DeskTop MWC
merge Mobile on Desktop Technology mwcollect
merge sorting Mobile PC MWIPS
Merger & Acquisition Mobile PCI-Express Module MX RR
merger & acquisition Mobile PCI-eXpress Module MXM
Meridian Lossless Packing Mobile Safari MXMT
Merlin Mobile Satellite Communications Services MXMU
Merom Mobile Security MXMV
Merom-2M Mobile Security & Antivirus MXML
Merrifield Mobile Security Manager MXMカード
MERT Mobile Sempron MXT
MES Mobile Triton MXレコード
MES FET Mobile Virtual Network Enabler My Apache - MySQL - PHP
Mesh Mobile Virtual Network Operator My Box Mobile VNO My Computer
MESI Mobile Voltage Positioning My Desktop
Message Area Mobile Wireless Access My Documents
Message Authentication Code Mobile World Congress My History
Message Digest 5 mobile My Image Garden
Message Digest algorithm 5 mobile adware My Music
Message from RNP0026738E40D2 mobile app install advertising My Pictures
Message Handling System mobile audio player My Yahoo!
Message Oriented Middleware mobile banking my computer
Message Passing Interface mobile broadband my mixi
Message Transfer Agent mobile communication MyDoom
Message User Agent mobile computing MyISBN
message mobile music player Mylex
message application programming interface mobile note MyNETS
message area mobile note PC MyNETS 1.2.0
message digest mobile phone MyNETS 2.0
message oriented middleware Mobile-ITX MyPaint
message queueing MobileIron AppConnect/AppTunnel MyPaint 1.2.0
message security protocol MobileMe MyPaint 1.2.1
message transfer agent Mobility Radeon mypop

 IT用語一覧 【 M 】 
< 11 >
MessagePad mockup Myron Krueger
Messaging API MOCVD Myron Krueger氏
Messaging Application Programming Interface MOD
Messe MOD chip MySpace
Messenger mod_perl MySpace社
meta description mod_php MySQL
meta.xml modal dialog MySQL互換リレーショナルデータベース管理システム
MetaFrame MODE myでんき
MetaFrame Presentation Server Mode-1 CD-ROM My日記
MetaFrameサーバ Model MZ-80K
Metakit Model Number MZK-UE450AC
Metal Gate Model Specific Register M言語
Metal In Gap Model View Controller Mシリーズ勧告
Metal Insulator Metal model 5160 Mトロン
Metal Insulator Metal Diode Liquid Crystal Model-View-Controller Mの幅
Metal Insulator Metal Liquid Crystal modeless dialog Mバイト
Metal Insulator Metal液晶 modeling machine mラーニング
Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor modem
Metal Oxide Semiconductor MODEM

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